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Student Galleries:

Professor Max Blobner
Course Galleries:

Digital Design Compilation SP11:

Digital Design Spring/Summer 2010:

Digital Design Fall 2009b:

Digital Design Fall 2009:

Digital Design Spring 2009:

Digital Design Fall 2008:

Digital Design Spring 2008:

Digital Design Fall 2007:

Digital Design Spring 2007:

Digital Design Fall 2006:

Digital Design Spring 2006:

Digital Design Spring 2005:

Digital Design Fall 2004:

Digital Design Summer 2004:

Digital Design Fall 2003:

Digital Design Summer 2003:

Digital Design Spring 2003:

Digital/Traditional Spring 2003:

Digital Design Fall 2002:

Photography-Summer 2002:

Digital Design Spring 2002:

Photography-Summer 2001:

Digital Design Fall 2001:

Digital Design Spring 2001:

Art Department Catalog:

Student Movies:

Jewelry-Fall 2000:
Instructor,  Sera Swan

Student Galleries:

Professor Paul Jay
Course Galleries:

Raku-Summer 2012:

Raku-Summer 2009:

Raku-Summer 2008:

Raku-Summer 2007:

Raku-Summer 2006:

Raku-Summer 2005:

Raku-Summer 2003:

Raku-Summer 2002:

Raku-Summer 2001:

VAC Gallery:

Faculty Art Show 2012
artwork listing

Student Art Show 2011

Faculty Art Show 2011

Student Art Show 2010

Faculty Art Show 2009

Student Art Show 2009
Theme: "The eyes have it"

Student Art Show 2009

Student Show 2009
Instructor: Kelly Shepherd
view movie of the show

In Memory of
Richard Heisler
photography gallery

Student Art Show

Student Art Show 2008

NCECA 2008-
National Council on
Education in the Ceramic Arts
Naked Raku-
Painting with Smoke

     Kate and Will Jacobson

     Eduardo Lazo
David Roberts

Student Art Show 2007

Craftsman's Guild of Pittsburgh

Student Art Show 2006

Faculty Art Show, 2006

Carrick High School:
Betsy Huffman-
Ceramics Teacher.

Robert Isenburg:

Student Art Show 2005

Faculty Art Show, 2005

Forever Free:
Abrahams Lincoln's-
Journey to Emancipation (2004)

Student Art Show 2004

Faculty Art Show, 2004

Student Art Show 2003

Faculty Art Show, 2003

Thea Eck: Line and Lead

Faculty Art Show, 2002

Black History Month

Fiber Arts Guild: Selected Works

Peter West: Painting and Prints

Student Art Show 2001

Faculty Art Show, 2001

John Pusateri Prints

The Language of Hands:
A student metalsmith invitational

Student Art Show, 1999

Explorations in Aluminum:
Pittsburgh Metals Society

Film Equipment Show:
Monsters of Film Installation

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