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Course Description

ENG-130 - Introduction to Memoir/Exp (3 credits)
Prerequisite(s): PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of ENG101
Introduction from memoir will introduce you to basic techniques for writing creative nonfiction. It is not so much concerned with the straight facts of your life as it is with how you've experienced that life. We'll use invention exercises and strategies to help elicit all your past selves-daughter, father, hitchhiker, McDonald's worker, CEO, drifter-as we've all led a thousand lives. When we sit with ourselves free of the fear, anger, sadness, or even joy of past experiences we start to know who we are a bit better. You'll participate in workshops where you'll share work and help each other become comfortable with the process of giving and receiving constructive criticism. With this feedback in mind, you'll revise your work and develop a polished portfolio. You'll read, interpret and critique the work of published authors as a way to improve your own writing.

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