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Course Description

ECT-251 - Adv Electrical Construction Tech 2 (8 credits)
Prerequisite(s): PREREQUISITES: ECT201
This course presents information necessary to the understanding of digital electronics. The course explores the use of Boolean Algebra as one of the field's basic tools and includes a discussion exploring some of the characteristics of various families of logic circuits, including buffer and inverter logic circuits. Key terms and definitions are reviewed. Power requirements, speed of operations and noise immunity and limits are examined. The types of decision-making logic elements of digital electronic conditions will be verified using procedures performed as part of the course. The course also explores the operational characteristics of NAND, NOR, XOR, and XNOR logic gates. The development of logic circuits and controls, switching circuits and fiber optic theory and installation will also be presented. A separate laboratory experience will provide the student with opportunities to apply and work with concepts learned in the classroom.

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