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Computer Information Technolog
CIT-100 Computer Fundamentals & Applications
CIT-102 Computer Keyboarding
CIT-108 Intro Geographic Information Sys/Exp
CIT-109 Fund of Prog Using 3-D Animation
CIT-111 Introduction to Programming: Java
CIT-115 Intro to Information Technology
CIT-118 Introduction to Programming: Python/Exp
CIT-120 Networking
CIT-125 Web Development
CIT-130 Object-Oriented Programming 1: Java
CIT-135 Introduction to Apps Programming/Exp
CIT-140 Office Productivity Applications
CIT-141 Word Processing
CIT-142 Desktop Publishing Concepts
CIT-145 Programming in C
CIT-150 PC Components and Operating Systems
CIT-155 Excel Spreadsheets
CIT-161 Visual Basic: Windows Programming
CIT-180 Computer Forensics 1
CIT-181 Principles of Information Security
CIT-205 Help Desk and User Support
CIT-206 Admin Technology & Procedures
CIT-215 Systems Analysis and Design
CIT-220 Linux Operating System
CIT-225 e-Commerce Applications
CIT-230 Database Systems
CIT-235 Web Database Systems
CIT-244 Object-Oriented Programming 2/Java
CIT-245 Data Structures and Programming: C++
CIT-250 Internetworking of Computers
CIT-251 Windows Server Operating System
CIT-255 Web Server Administration
CIT-280 Computer Forensics 2
CIT-281 Project in Computer Forensics
CIT-600 Introduction to Windows
CIT-601 Introduction to Internet Research
CIT-602 Presentation Graphics: Powerpoint
CIT-604 Electronic Spreadsheets: Excel
CIT-606 Database Management: Access
CIT-607 Office Management:Outlook
CIT-608 Desktop Publishing
CIT-615 Computer Applications in Health Care
CIT-617 Intro to IT Proj Mgmt:Microsft Proj/Exp
CIT-620 Dev Web Page Using Web Authoring Sftware
CIT-621 Developing Web Pages: HTML Developing Web Pages: Html
CIT-635 Intro Mobile Apps Using AppInventor/Exp
CIT-636 Using Geographic Information Systems/Exp
CIT-641 Computer Information Security