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Edward & Suzanne Karlovich  

Alumni Discover a Lifelong Commitment to Education, Community and Each Other at CCAC

For many, the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) represents an avenue of purpose, an opportunity to advance. Although that value has always been clear to them, Ed and Suzanne Karlovich see CCAC as so much more—it truly represents a beginning for the couple.

Ed and Suzanne were both born in the Pittsburgh area, though their lives leading to CCAC varied. Suzanne was trained to enter the administrative workforce while in high school and though she valued the work, she desired a different career path. Ed took a year off after high school to discover his career interests while working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C., as a clerical assistant. In 1978, Ed and Suzanne were eager to start their educational journeys and enrolled at CCAC.

At any one moment, in any one term and in any of CCAC’s numerous classrooms, students interact, share their opinions, ideas and dreams and form lasting friendships. It was one of these chance interactions that brought Ed and Suzanne together. The two met in an economics course at CCAC–Allegheny Campus and quickly formed a lifelong friendship. Not only did CCAC connect the two, but also helped Ed and Suzanne realize their professional directions, and more so, the role that education would play in both of their lives.

Ed and Suzanne knew that the time they spent at CCAC had altered their perspectives and gave them insight into a variety of ideas and people to which they had not yet been exposed. Their connection with each other strengthened as they earned their associate’s degrees and transferred to Duquesne University to pursue bachelor’s degrees in Accounting. After graduating from Duquesne, Suzanne remained at the university to obtain a Master of Business Administration degree, while Ed received the same degree at the University of Pittsburgh.

Suzanne went to work for Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. in 1982. Eight years later, she began working at Duquesne Light, where she held multiple leadership roles until her retirement in 2009. Today, Suzanne is a very active volunteer with the Civic Light Opera Guild, Shadyside Hospital Auxiliary, St. Lucy’s Auxiliary and The Ellis School Board of Directors. In 1982, Ed started working at Arthur Andersen, before transitioning to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in 1990. At UPMC, Ed currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Academic and Community Hospitals. Like his wife, he is also an active volunteer and serves as a board member for the Civic Light Opera and the CCAC Educational Foundation.

Ed and Suzanne value the opportunities they have realized through their pursuit of higher education. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits is having the overall experience and knowledge to guide the educational paths for their two daughters—one of whom is attending The Ellis School and the other who is attending Duke University.

"I feel CCAC was instrumental in my personal and professional development, which is why I give back," said Ed. "The education we received provided us both with a lot to be successful in life and in our careers. I also met my wife [at CCAC] and I was fortunate enough to meet somebody who shared common interests and kept me so focused."

Ed and Suzanne Karlovich pursued a higher education, discovered their professional interests and, most memorably, met each other in an economics course at CCAC. As CCAC alumni, they are aware, first-hand, of the benefits CCAC provides to so many. And it may very well be that understanding, combined with their altruistic sentiment, that explains why Ed and Suzanne are able to realize the personal successes they have, and why they continue to dedicate themselves so generously in securing a better future for our community through CCAC.