Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

North Campus Clubs and Organizations

These clubs and organizations provide an opportunity for students to enhance their educational experiences. Student Life always is interested in working with students to support the creation of new student groups.

American Sign Language Club

Enhances its members’ signing abilities and promotes student awareness of the deaf.

Contact:  Student Life


Black League of African-American Culture (B.L.A.C.)

Promotes the academic and personal development of African-American students.

Contact:  Student Life

Computer Club

Promotes like-minded students to gather and discuss all things computer related.

Contact:  Student Life


Criminal Justice Club

This club directs students who have a high interest in criminal justice/homeland security to become better acquainted with the current American criminal justice systems on federal, state, county, city and local levels.

Contact:  Student Life



Environmental Club


Raises awareness of environmental issues, promotes the recycling program on campus, and gives students an appreciation of the great outdoors.

Contact:  Rachel Leonard

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

The purpose of GSA is to be an inclusive club creating a safe space for students which includes networking, education, support, and community involvement.

Contact:  Elizabeth Throesch



Library Student Advisory Board

This club increases awareness of library services and resources to encourage participation in library activities and to facilitate interaction among students & staff

Contact:  Barbara Thompson

Candace Smigla


Mu Alpha Theta

This club is a math honor society for two-year colleges.  This organization promotes excellence in mathematics to the student body with activities related to PI Day, community service projects, and leadership opportunities.

Contact:  Anna DelVitto

Rebecca Senkowicz

National Technical Honor Society (West Hills)

NTHS recognizes student achievement and leadership, promotes educational excellence, award scholarships, and enhances career opportunities.

Contact:  Annie Helbling


Nursing Club


Helps to educate students on health issues, provides community service, and offers support and encouragement to students as they prepare for careers in the field of nursing.

Contact:  Paula Susi


Phi Theta Kappa (P.T.K.)

P.T.K. is a national honor society for two-year colleges.  Members must have a Q.P.A. of 3.5 or higher and have earned at least 12 college-level credits

Contact: Nick Duerlinger

Psi Beta


Psi Beta is the national honor society for students who have completed at least one course in psychology with an A or B grade and have a 3.25 Q.P.A.

Contact:  Anne Louise
Dailey/Allison Caveglia


Student Activities Board (West Hills)

This club at our West Hills Center provides campus programming, community service and social activities.  It also serves as the liaison between students and administrators.

Contact:  Annie Helbling


Student Ambassadors Club

Members serve as official representatives for North Campus Admissions.  They work with staff and faculty to greet, escort, and converse with CCAC guests and current and prospective students during campus sponsored events.

Contact:  Rhena McCaskill


Student Government Association

This organization provides campus programming, community service and social activities on and off campus.  It also serves as the liaison between students and administrators.

Contact: Student Life


Supportive Services

Provides group support for students with disabilities and promotes awareness of disabled people to the campus and the community.

Contact:  Theresa Smochko


Teachers of Tomorrow


Provides professional, educational, and social activities that support the childcare and teaching professions.

Contact:  Cyndi Syskowski


Student Newspaper


The VOICE reports on all events at North Campus.  It is published in conjunction with a CCAC journalism class.  All students are welcome to contribute.

Contact: Student Life



Veterans Club

This newly formed club ensures veterans and their families are receiving all benefits entitled to them.  It also promotes communication and interaction among members.

Contact:  Pricilla Robertson


World Cultures Club

Works to bring students of all backgrounds together through social functions, community service projects and campus events.

Contact: Srujana Kanjula



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