Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Programs and Program Options

As a student at the College, you will be required to declare a program of study. If you are not sure of your program, or you are enrolling to take a course to transfer to another college or university, a program category of "unknown" or "non-CCAC student" will be assigned by the College.

When a program of study is declared, you will be responsible for meeting the program's requirements. Please note that there are certain programs for which requirements may change because of current technology or practices. When such changes occur, all new students in the program and all students who re-enroll in the program after an extended absence must follow the new requirements.

Some programs are designed to allow you to select an area of concentration. These areas of concentration are called program options. As you work towards an Associate of Science in Theatre, for example, you may have a concentration in Acting, Technical Theatre or Dance.