Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

AFT Calendars

The AFT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE meets monthly from August through May. Summer concerns are addressed on an as-needed basis.

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP meetings for the entire AFT Faculty are in April and November.

Meanwhile, work for the AFT president, Grievance VP, Campus VPs and other officers goes on behind the scenes daily to make sure that the contract provisions are not ignored and that issues affecting members of the bargaining unit are addressed.

You can contact your campus vice presidents for help at any time during the year and/or bring issues to the Spring and Fall General Membership Meetings.


Monthly Executive Committee Meetings are held to review and inform the Campus Vice-Presidents and other AFT Officers of issues as they occur throughout the year at the four campuses and the centers, along with problem solving discussions and planning. The officers devote hours to these meetings every month and the VPs also meet monthly with administration on their own campuses to resolve concerns on-site. Being an AFT Officer is an honor that includes time, energy and committment!


Twice a year General Membership Meetings present a quick overview of the state of the college from the faculty perspective to attendees and give insight into the problems that the faculty and the college are facing. AFT Officers review relevant happenings on their campuses and update attendees on the latest events. All AFT Local 2067 members are invited. The Federation's Executive Committee requests that you reserve two hours in April and again in November, to attend AFT General Membership Meetings. Refreshments and socializing account for part of that time. Plan to spend 4 hours a year with your organization and the people who protect your job! You will still have 8,756 hours to live your life.