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Wondering What to Do with Your Future?

CCAC provides several career programs in the technologies that prepare you for today’s and tomorrow’s job market. These programs include the general education requirements for the Associate of Science Degree and are detailed on the programs pages listed below.

These programs can be started at any CCAC campus, but specific courses required in your program may only be offered at one of the College’s campuses. If these limitations exist, you should discuss your options with an academic advisor.

    Trades Brochure 10.2011

For more information about Applied Service & Trade Technologies contact: Ron Logreco, Assistant Dean (phone: 412.788.7500 Fax: 412.787.0524).

 Trades Brochure (PDF)

Programs in Applied Service and Trade Technologies:Trades-Web

Automotive Technology Program (AS and Certificate Programs)

Building Construction Estimating (AS Programs)

Building Construction Supervision  (AS Programs)

Building Construction Technology  (AS Program)

Carpentry (Certificate Program)

Electrical Construction Technology (AS Program) 

Electrical Distribution Technology (AS Program)

Electrical Distribution Technology (Certificate Program) 

Facilities Maintenance (AS and Certificate Programs)

Heating & Air Conditioning (AS and Certificate Programs)

Heavy Equipment Operating Engineers (Certificate Program)

Ironworker (Certificate Program)

Mechatronics Training (Center for Professional Development)

Mechatronics Technology (AS Program)

Mechatronics Technology (Certificate Program)

Plumber (Apprenticeship Certificate Program)

Plumbing (Certificate)

Renewable/Alternative Energy Technologies Program (CCAC Community Education Program)

Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship (AS Program)

Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship (Certificate Program)

Stationary Operating Engineers (AS and Certificate Programs)

Veterans in Energy Training Project

Welding Technology (AS and Certificate Programs)

Welding, Gas & Oil Certificate (Cert)

After consulting with your academic advisor, if none of these options serve your educational plan, you may design your own program. This educational plan should be on file with the Academic Services and Records office. When you complete your program, you will graduate with an Associate of Science in General Studies. You will have satisfied the distribution requirements of the Associate’s Degree but not the requirements of any specific program. 

These programs have all been designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills for working in your field. In addition, many of the courses at CCAC will transfer to four-year colleges and universities. The College’s accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools facilitates this transfer.

After graduating, many CCAC students who find work later decide that further education would help advance their career. Many of these former students return to CCAC to update their skills and gain further knowledge. This educational need may also be satisfied by pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at a local college or university.

Many of the Community College’s career programs are guided by advisory committees. Practitioners in your field meet with faculty to determine the best instruction to serve your needs. These advisory committees and the ongoing evaluation of the college’s programs ensure that the program you have chosen is relevant to the workplace.

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