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ITS: Talkin' Tech Online Resources

ITS Training Services provides a variety of online learning resources for CCAC students and employees. Check out the following resources:


  • ITS Talkin' Tech pages of the ITS web site provide you, the user, with presentations that can inform and equip you to use your computer technology more effectively. Click on any topic to learn about CCAC systems, software tips or trends in technology.


  •  ITS Tech-Torials are simple video-demonstrations of common, frequently-used procedures used in Windows, Office or any computer technology at CCAC. Each Tech-torial includes a video to watch, along with a short, step-by-step instructions document you can print. We hope that these videos and step-by-step instructions are beneficial for guiding you in your busy work day. Check out our Media Site for Tech-Torials page or click on Tech-Torial links found below.


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What's My Account?

Review the user accounts that you may have been provided for your job at the College.

Managing your Passwords

The College has adopted a new password policy that requires you to change your Network Account and Colleague passwords every ninety (90) days.

                                 Tech-Torial: EntryPoint Self-service password reset 

                                 Tech-Torial: How to change your Password in CCAC Central



  Desktop & Windows

Windows & Web: See the complete online course in Moodle.

Your Desktop

Get to know your way around your desktop at CCAC.

File Management

Learn how to use Windows Explorer to help organize and manage your files.

Finding an Elusive File

Windows 7 search options can help you to find a lost or moved file.


Tech-Torial:  How to Change Your Display Resolution

Tech-Torial:  Windows 7: File Management & Windows Explorer

Tech-Torial:  How to Set Your Home Page in Internet Explorer

Tech-Torial: How to Add a Trusted Website 

Tech-Torial: Web Browsers and Compatibility Issues

Tech-Torial: What's New in Internet Explorer 9

Tech-Torial: Windows Start Menu

Tech-Torial: Wndows Troubleshooting

Tech-Torial: ITS Self-Service Troubleshooting Common problems


Academic Email Account

All students with a NetID and all faculty with a CCAC network account have an academic mail and web account available to them. Any faculty or students wishing to have an academic mail and/or web account will need to establish a CCAC network account.

Get Productive with Outlook

Get Organized with Outlook!  Outlook is so much more than an email program. Outlook gives you tools to help organize your schedule, communicate effectively and manage the work that you do.

Outlook Web Access 2010

See the changes associated with web access and exchange

CCAC Spam Filtering system

Get the messages you want and scrap the messages you don't. 

So You Want to be a Delegate

In Outlook, delegate function allows you to give permission to another person to access certain features of your Outlook email account.

Mass Email Best Practices

Sending email to groups of students or other persons? It is critical that you follow best practices when sending email to large groups.

Managing a Departmental Email Account

Learn guidelines or "best practice" for the editors and authors for accessing and maintaining the departmental inbox, as authorized by the CCAC Marketing department.


Tech-Torial: Academic Email Overview

Tech-Torial: How to Create a Distribution List 

Tech-Torial: How to Customize the To-Do Bar

Tech-Torial: How to Recover a Missing Field from the Header Bar

Tech-Torial: How to Use the Attachment Pre-View Feature 

Tech-Torial: Saving an Email as a File


Print Screen

All CCAC employees' PC's come installed with Gadwin PrintScreen.

Printer Problems

Learn how to.. with our tips and techniques.


Tech-Torial: How to Add a Network Printer in Windows 7

Tech-Torial: Smart Printing Tips and Tricks

Tech-Torial: How to Setup and Use Gadwin PrintScreen



Office 2010: What’s New! See the complete online course in Moodle.

Mailing Lists and Merges

Do you do a lot of mailings in your office? Here are guidelines for creating efficient mailing lists and tips for doing a mail merge in Office.

PowerPoint Pointers

As an excellent graphical tool, PowerPoint can enhance your presentation with graphs, pictures and animations. This page provides helpful tips to make your presentations engaging and efficient.

Publisher Basics

Publisher is the business publishing and marketing materials program that helps you create, design, and publish professional marketing and communication materials.


Tech-Torial: Automate your PowerPoint Presentation

Tech-Torial: How to Apply a Theme to a PowerPoint Presentations

Tech-Torial: Enhancing Your PowerPoint Pictures

Tech-Torial: Enhancing PowerPoint Charts & Tables

Tech-Torial: How to Create an Excel Chart 

Tech-Torial: How to Use Excel Equation Editor

Tech-Torial: How to Use Excel's Conditional Formating

Tech-Torial: How to use Filter and Sort feature in Excel

Tech-Torial: How to Customize the Quick Access Tool Bar

Tech-Torial: How to use Smart Art and  Graphics

Tech-Torial: How to use Word Live Preview

Tech-Torial: How to use Tables in Word

Tech-Torial: How to use Word Save As

Tech-Torial: How to Create a Mail Merge

Tech-Torial: How to Creating and Editing Building Blocks

Tech-Torial: How to Use Building Blocks

Tech-Torial: How to Apply New Default Settings in Word

Tech-Torial: How to Apply, Modify and Save a Theme in Word



Choose Your Storage Media Wisely

The computer industry continues to produce more effective media for file storage. Keep up with the times and use the most effective options for backing up your work and carrying files from place to place.

Computing on the Go

This Talkin' Tech provides guidance for those who: have more than one office, work from home or different locations throughout the College, and teach in multiple classrooms.


Ergonomics is a science which is concerned with the fit of people to their work. Learn tips to decrease fatigue and minimize injuries from long hours in front of a PC.

Going Away from the Office

Follow these easy steps in managing your Email, Voice Mail and Colleague Purchasing Approvals while you are gone.

Technology Services for Faculty and Students

There have been many recent changes in technology that impact faculty and students in the classroom.  Peruse this page to get the latest news and helps on Academic Email (for faculty and students), Academic Web Publishing, Blackboard and NetID and CCAC Central.


 Safety & Online Safety

Information Security and Online Safety! See the complete online course in Moodle.

Avoid Being Hooked By A Phishing Scam


Identify a Phishing scam and What to do if you receive a Phishing scam.

Security & Online Safety

Information on this page has been extracted from the National Cyber Alert System, which provides timely information about current and emerging threats and vulnerabilities as well as advice about protecting your computer and networks.


Tech-Torial: File Sharing and HEOA Act.

Tech-Torial: Online Safety for Parents & Children

Tech-Torial: Protecting Yourself from Viruses

Tech-Torial: Best Email Practices



CCAC provides faculty, students, staff and the public a variety of online, web-based services.

Search Engines

To become a more effective and efficient online searcher, it is essential to understand how search engines work and how to enter effective search statements.


Tech-Torial: Viewing Your Online Pay Advice

Tech-Torial: FRP Faculty Resource Program Introduction

Tech-Torial: Entering Grades on CCAC Central

Tech-Torial: How to Registering for SOSO

Tech-Torial: How to View SOSO

Tech-Torial: Class Non-Attendance Report on CCAC Central

Tech-Torial: Entering Early Intervention in CCAC Central

Tech-Torial: Online Learning Infomercial (Blackboard)

Tech-Torial: Editing Pages in the Content Management System

Tech-Torial: File Manager in the Content Management System

Tech-Torial: How to Use Moodle