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ITS: Student Network Accounts


Download Instructions for NetID (PDF).

Watch a demo: Changing Your Password or Creating Your Net ID

All students must obtain a NetID account if you are to use any computer at the College. Your CCAC Network Identifier (NetID) and password identify you to the CCAC network and allow you to access a variety of resources and services.  

Acquiring a Network ID allows you to log on to the CCAC network from any campus PC, use local PC software and resources and access files necessary for some of your coursework. Without a Network ID, you cannot log-in or use any campus PC or any CCAC Network Resources.

Students and faculty are able to use their NetID to access:

NetID creation is available to students as soon as they become registered in the Datatel Colleague system (but no sooner than one month before the term start date). Student academic email will be available on the day after their NetID is created. Go to to create or manage your NetID.

What do you need to create your NetID?

  • Your Datatel Colleague Student ID Number, (7-digit number printed on your registration confirmation and/or student ID card)
  • Your full first and last name (please do not use abbreviations or nicknames)

Online Learning Students: Information about NetIDs for Online Learning students will be sent via postal mail.

Changing your NetID Password

View info on passwords and password change procedures.

Security Measures

How long does a NetID remain active? Once created by the student, the NetID accounts are kept in the system for 12 months after the semester in which the student last registered. This eliminates the need to create an account each term; however, passwords need to be changed on a regular basis. The one-year grace period is contingent on active usage; accounts will be disabled after 160 days of inactivity (see below). 

As a security measure, former student NetID accounts will be disabled after 160 days of inactivity. If there are no subsequent contacts or student issues after one additional month, the disabled student accounts will be permanently deleted from Active Directory. This will also remove academic email and web publishing privileges from these accounts.  


If students have questions or problems: Please visit any campus computer lab or call the ITS CCAC ServiceDesk at 412.237.8700.

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