Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

ITS: Short Term & Partner Accounts

Guest Accounts

A Guest Account may be created by the ServiceDesk for a student who is having a problem creating a NetID or an employee who is experiencing delays obtaining their EmpID or special visitors on campus (must be approved by the ITS manager).  

The person requesting the Guest Account must provide their Colleague ID# or their Driver License ID# and/or other photo ID. This identification number is entered into the NetID database. Guest accounts will be active for up to two weeks. To request a guest account:

Temporary Accounts for Workshops or non-CCAC Presenters

A Temporary Account may be created by ServiceDesk for directors, coordinators or faculty members who are teaching a short-term workshop, either in the Credit or Non-credit Division. A Temporary Account is also necessary for any non-CCAC presenter who is invited to campus for classroom or professional development activities and needs to log in to the campus network in order to present.

Director, Coordinator or Instructor will call or email CCAC ServiceDesk at least 3 days before the workshop to request an account. Person requesting the account should supply the following information:

  • Section Number and term or name of event
  • Date(s) of Workshop, event
  • Faculty Name and Email Address*
  • Coordinator/ Director Name and Email Address*

 * At least of one of these individuals must have a CCAC email address; this CCAC employee maintains responsibility for sharing the network credential with only the presenter and participants.

On the day prior to the workshop, the ServiceDesk will email the Requestor the username and password for the account. The password will be deactivated at the conclusion of the time period requested.

ServiceDesk staff will complete work order and maintain a database which logs the Requestor and active dates, so that problems may be traced to a specific class session.

NOTE: A NetID is mandatory for credit students enrolled in a class longer than 1 week in duration. Temporary IDs cannot be issued for these students. Refer these students to the Campus Open Lab if they are having problems creating an account.


Partner Accounts

Non-CCAC employees will not be issued Network Accounts, unless permission is obtained through Human Resources. Organizations that partner with the College (i.e., Job Corps, IGA, PCHE) may be provided network access with approval from executive management. These individuals should be referred to the Human Resources Form and Documents Page and download and fill out the Internet Computer Acknowledgement Form they will need to complete. These individuals should have a College sponsor who will authenticate for ServiceDesk staff when password resets are requested. 

Procedure for completing Internet Computer Acknowledgement Form

  1. Obtain form from: Human Resources Forms and Documents.
    • Click “Internet Acknowledgement Form – (Used for Non-employee/Non-students).”
  2. Complete all fields on the form.
  3. Responsible CCAC Administrator should be the immediate supervisor.
  4. Campus President/Vice President Authorization may ONLY be:
    • Dean of Administration
    • Campus President
  5. Forms are submitted to Human Resources.
  6. Once approved, Human Resources will forward copy of the form to ITS for account creation.

Emergency Exceptions

  • If a situation requires expediting the standard process, please complete form and provide a copy to Michael O’Brien or Megan Rice. Account creation will be completed ASAP.  The original form will still need to be submitted to Human Resources.