Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

ITS: Planning for Technology

ITS plays the leadership role in establishing standards for the desktop tools you need to do your job effectively, no matter what your job description and responsibilities are.

All hardware and software purchases must be compatible with CCAC's current operating system and compliant with copyright laws. This is important to ensure that all College technology can be effectively supported by the ITS staff. Therefore, we ask that you consult with the ITS Field Director when planning to augment or upgrade technology systems in your department. All purchase requests for new hardware must be approved by the Director of Information Technology Services to ensure compliance with these standards.

Why plan ahead?

Much work has been done to ensure a safe, supportable and reliable computing environment at CCAC. If you are planning for future technology directions within your department or campus, or are writing grants for additional funding which includes technology products, please include the ITS staff in your early planning. You also need to make sure you’ve built in enough time for planning, installation, and testing of technology implementations. We can provide consultation and guidance for those early decisions, which will enhance the procurement, installation and support of those systems down the road.

Please note that purchasing equipment outside of College standards will mean that ITS cannot fully support your equipment.

Coordinating with Facilities 

You must involve the Facilities Department in your planning prior to contacting the ITS staff for technology planning. The Facilities department can also consult with you to prescribe the amount of square footage required for a computer classroom, and provide information on standards for classroom furniture. Among the questions to which you'll need answers are the following:

  • Have you checked to see if space modifications are necessary to accommodate your technology acquisitions?
  • Do you have ample electrical supply to support the use of technology devices?
  • Can the network support other data connections?

Who pays for all this?

Information Technology Services supports only the costs of Enterprise-Level systems—systems directly related to College-wide business processes. All other purchases of hardware and software are the responsibility of the department or campus. Your department is responsible for the purchase of all discipline-specific software, software licenses, desktop printers and printing supplies, blank CDs and floppy disks, etc. Departments are also responsible for supplying color toner for networked color printers. All purchases must be approved by the Campus/College Office Business Manager prior to installation/maintenance requests.

Other Practical Considerations:

Writing a Grant? Check out our Grant Writing and Technology page for important guidelines in planning for technology needs.

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