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ITS: Printers & Printing

Printing needs at a busy college are extensive, and ITS maintains hundreds of network printers at strategic locations throughout the college—in offices, open computer labs and classrooms. It is our intention to provide for the legitimate printing needs of the college community, whether they involve administrative or scholastic functions, while at the same time seeking to reduce our impact on the environment. We invite all authorized users to utilize these network printers as appropriate. And we request that you consider ways that you can contribute to the effort to be easier on our trees, landfills and energy resources.

For this reason we have set the open computer lab printers to print on both sides of the page by default. If necessary, single-sided printing can be made available—ask a lab attendant if you want to know how. But we ask all members of our college community to join with us in the effort to save both natural and financial resources by trying to keep our printing to just the right amount. Three simple ways to do this are:

  • If you’re a faculty member and you assign papers, please consider allowing students to turn in papers printed on both sides.
  • If you’re printing PowerPoint documents, ask the lab attendant to show you how to print three or more slides to a page, or call the ServiceDesk (412.237.8700).
  • Always check Print Preview before you print; and print only what you need.

For more information, ideas and background, please view our tech-torial video: Smarter Printing.


Student Printing Limits

In order to encourage conservation of paper and printing resources, printing from student network accounts will be limited to 20 pages per print job beginning with the Fall 2012 term. If students need to print larger documents or multiple copies of smaller documents that would exceed 20 pages, they may still be printed by dividing the print run into smaller groups, each less than 20 pages.

Printing for faculty and staff members will not be capped. If you distribute electronic documents to students, please consider formats that conserve paper and printing output. For example, you may wish to publish your PowerPoint presentations to pdf, using the options for “handouts” and avoiding color-dense backgrounds. Also, be reminded that many academic printers are configured to automatically duplex print jobs to reduce paper costs and help the environment. If students must print one-sided, they may go to print options and adjust to one-sided printing. We encourage faculty to accept assignments that have been printed in two-sided format. 

PrintScreen Software

Administrative computers at CCAC are equipped with screen-printing software named Gadwin PrintScreen. With Gadwin, users can print the contents of a single screen, save those contents to a file on the local hard drive or email them to another user. In most cases, Gadwin PrintScreen is activated simply by pressing the Printscreen key on the keyboard. Detailed information and instructions for customizing Gadwin setup can be found in the following locations:


Check out the following resources:


Purchasing a New Printer

Need a new printer? See what standards for print devices the college uses and supports before you decide to buy. Please note that ITS does not provide toner cartridges to departments that purchase local printers.