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ITS: ServiceDesk What we support

The ITS ServiceDesk will provide support for the technology categories listed below. If you are using a technology product not included here, we may make a "best effort" to answer questions but cannot commit to full resolution or fulfilling your request. Click a link below to jump to each section.



Accounts                  Blackboard              CCAC Central       Email System
Handheld Devices      Internet Browsers     Library                  Network
Office 2010               Virus and Security    Web Applications  Webspace
Windows OS

Employees Only:

ClassroomCollege LaptopsComputer Hardware
CCAC Applications   Datatel Colleague   Media Services
Web Conferencing  


What We Do Not Support:

  • Student or Employee home computers or personal laptops or PCs purchased through surplus sales; ITS staff cannot work on laptops nor give advice on fixing hardware and software problems on personal computers.
  • Extended assistance with homework assignments; Students will be referred to Tutoring Services or their instructor.
  • Hardware and software that is outside CCAC standards.
  • Third-party software not maintained by the college; ie, Jobs at CCAC, SmarThinking, textbook publishers’ software, etc
  • Assistance with software that has been purchased independently by a specific department will be on best effort only. Departments will be encouraged to work with software vendors for full support and upgrade software to ensure compatibility as the college updates to new operating systems or browsers.

Best Effort: If we are not busy with other callers, we may attempt to provide information for a customer who is calling about unsupported items. We will do a basic search or provide information on software for which that we are knowledgeable. Please understand this is only a best effort and we cannot guarantee results.

Supported Issues for Students and Employees:

Accounts, including Student NETID and employee network accounts. This is your passport to most network and web-based technology services.

NetID info and instructions

Employee network account procedures

Changing your Password

Blackboard for Online Learning and Technology-Supported Courses, which is supported for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari (see the minimum requirements page below for specific supported versions). Third-party products include Safe Assignment, Respondus Lockdown Browser, Learning Objects Wikis, Wimba voice tools. Compatibility issues and browser configuration, including Java, Shockwave, etc.  

Blackboard course login page

Blackboard information for students

Online Learning Student Guide

Blackboard minimum technical requirements

Blackboard Best Practices

Blackboard Known Issues

Blackboard Best Practices for Online Exams

Online Learning Center for faculty

CCAC Central for students, faculty and staff, to include assistance with resetting passwords, viewing rosters or schedules, viewing or submitting grades, faculty resource program, stipends and pay advices, transcript requests, etc. Compatibility issues and browser issues. Non-technology problems will be referred to registration or other service areas.

CCAC Central instructions for students, faculty or employees

Email Systems

Include academic webmail for students and faculty and Outlook email for all faculty, administrators and staff. Academic webmail can be forwarded to another email account, but cannot sync with Outlook email. See links below for information on mailbox quotas and procedures. (There is no support for POP3 or IMAP.)

Academic Student and Faculty Webmail Information

Outlook email for employees


Internet Browsers, currently supporting IE8. Limited support for Firefox (used by 20% of CCAC central users). We do not recommend upgrading to the newest versions of browsers (IE9 or Firefox 4) until these are certified by Blackboard and Datatel for CCAC Central.

Microsoft Information regarding Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft Information regarding Internet Explorer 8

Firefox website

Library Cataloguing and Access to Research Databases, including EBSCOHost, NoodleBib, other databases or resources, which in most cases NetID password needs to be reset.

Off-Campus Access to Library systems

Network Connectivity across all college sites and wireless at all campuses and West Hills Center.

CCAC Wireless Access

Office 2010, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access on college-owned computers. Limited support available for Project and Visio (these are licensed for CIT classrooms only). Limited support for old versions.

Talking Tech web pages


Moodle Office 2010 What's New Online Course

MSDNAA software for CIT students (managed by the CIT faculty)

Smartphones and Handheld Devices, limited, best-effort support for users' personal devices. Windows, Blackberry, Droid and iPhone devices can sync with Outlook email.

Instructions for setting up iPhones, Droid and Windows devices

Blackberry website

HP/Palm website

Virus and Security Threats affecting college PCs, email and network resources. All students and employees must be vigilant in using caution with both college and personal computers, email and web-based browsing.

Suggestions for Security Awareness

i-SOS Online Course for Employees or Students


Web Applications,including Appointment Central, CCAC Inquiry, EntryPoint, NetID, Online Dean, Non-credit Store, etc.

Online Services Information

Appointment Central Tech-Torial

CCAC Online Services (This document contains a listing of all Online Services and links to each individual service)

Webspace Student/Faculty Web Publishing using Windows Explorer or FileZilla.

Web Publishing Information and Instructions

Windows Operating System on college computers: current supported version is Windows 7 (no support for Linux; limited support with Vista or Mac on laptops on wireless network – best effort).

The CCAC Desktop

Searching for Files

Coursework File Storage for Faculty for Classroom Use


Support for Employees Only:

Classroom hardware and software on classroom and instructor PC’s. If instruction is interrupted by technology problems, tickets will be expedited and a technician will be dispatched immediately.

Hardware Standards for PCs and Peripherals

Software Standards for Academic and Administrative Desktops

College-Owned Laptops which conform to college standards.

Laptop Standards and Procedures

Computer Hardware that is CCAC Standard equipment, including setting up and moving college equipment.

Hardware Standards for PCs, Laptops, Peripherals

ITS-Maintained Applications, including ARC, Colleague Security Application, E-Grants, Enrollme, Master Syllabi, Non-Credit Store, Online Dean, Online Directory, Projects Database, Room Request Web Form, SOSO Survey of Student Opinion, Section Planning Wizard, Kronos Time and Attendance and Web Content Management system.

We do NOT support externally-hosted applications, including Jobs at CCAC (HR), SmarThinking (Tutoring), College Central (Placement), ed2go and Gatlin (Community Education). These problems will be referred to the appropriate department for communication with the vendor.


Datatel Colleague, the College's ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, the business management system that integrates all College functions: Student (recruitment, registration, accounts receivable, financial aid); Financial (purchasing and budgets); Human Resources (personnel and payroll).

General information

Datatel E-Learning Course in Blackboard

Media Services provides audio-visual equipment for classrooms, meetings and events and assists faculty with e-learning environments, video recordings and media production.

Media Services 


Printing, including Network and Datatel Printing for college-owned printers; installation support and limited troubleshooting for local printers (materials are responsibility of owning departments). We encourage purchase of SmartPrint toner.

Printer troubleshooting

Software which is part of CCAC academic or administrative image; installation support and limited troubleshooting for academic or business software legally purchased and licensed by college departments. All installation requests will be reviewed to assure appropriate software licensing. Usual turn-around time for installation is one week. If you need software installed in a classroom, please submit the request two weeks prior to the start date of the class.

Software Standards for Academic and Administrative Desktops

Telephones/Voicemail at campuses/college centers. 

Telephone Systems and Voicemail Instructions


Web Conferencing for virtual meetings using Microsoft Lync. Procedures for requesting Skype conferencing are also found at the following link.

Microsoft Lync Info and Resources