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Online Learning: Proctoring Information

Making Arrangements for a Proctored Exam

If it is not possible for you to take your Online Learning exam at a campus Learning Assistance Center due to geographic considerations or emergencies, you will need to discuss with your instructor the possibility of having a proctor monitor your exam.

Step 1.   Contact your instructor and ask which proctoring option they want to use to manage your exam (see option 'a' and option 'b' below)

Option A.  

If your instructor is managing the proctoring process, please review step 2 only and  identify a suitable proctor.  Then contact your instructor for the remainder of the process

Option B.

If your instructor chooses to have the Online Learning & Instructional Technology Center manage the proctoring process, please complete steps 2 through 4

Step 2.   Contact the person who qualifies as a suitable proctor to ask if he or she is willing to proctor the exam. The student must pay any expenses involved, including postage to return the exam according to the specific instructions provided by the instructor

Step 3.   Complete a Test Proctoring Proposal form and mail or fax it to the Online Learning & Instructional Technology Center at least two (2) weeks in advance of the test date

Online Learning Center
Community College of Allegheny County
800 Allegheny Avenue, Room 123
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Fax: 412.237.8187

Note: The instructor must approve the proposal. Once the request is approved, the exam(s) and instructions will be mailed to the proctor. The student will be notified if the proposal is not approved.

Step 4.   Take the exam at the proposed location and time

Note: The student must notify the instructor and the proctor if he or she cannot take a scheduled exam.

Who Qualifies as a Suitable Proctor?

A full-time member of the teaching faculty of CCAC, a CCAC adjunct faculty member or an educational administrator of CCAC or designated CCAC staff


A public librarian

For employed students: the Human Resources Director or company educational manager

A member of the teaching faculty or an educational administrator of any regionally accredited institution of higher education


For armed forces personnel:any commissioned officer of higher rank than the student, a base commander, a noncommissioned officer in command of a military post, an education officer or a base librarian

A state-certified elementary or secondary school teacher or school librarian, school superintendent, principal or Intermediate Unit administrator


For incarcerated individuals: any prison administrator such as a warden or medical administrator, a prison counselor or prison librarian

Please note: Friends and relatives are NOT permitted to proctor your exams

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