Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

AFT Constitution: Article IV


Section I

Effective May 1, 1983, the dues of this local shall be one (1%) percent of the base pay of members of the bargaining unit.

Section II 

All members should meet this obligation by signing a dues check-off card.

Section III

For members not enrolled in the dues check-off plan, the annual dues are due and payable in full upon application for membership, or, in the case of continuing members, by the end of the first month of his/her annual membership. In terms of a year commencing with the opening of the school’s fall term, payment should be made by the end of September.

Members not enrolled in the dues check-off plan who cannot make annual payment as stipulated in Section 3 of this ARTICLE shall make an initial payment of at least $15.00 upon application for membership or within the first month of each annual membership. The balance of the annual dues shall be paid within five (5) months of the initial payment or such schedule as may be arranged with the Federation Treasurer through the member’s Campus Vice-President.

Section IV 

Special problems which render an individual member unable to meet the payment schedules specified herein may be appealed to the Executive Committee, which body shall have the power to arrange variations in the payment schedule. In all such appeals, the first recourse will always be dues check-off.