Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

AFT Constitution: Article V


Section I:

The following officers shall be elected every two (2) years by the Federation membership:

(1) President

(2) Vice-Presidents: Two (2) on each campus by the membership on each campus, and they are to have: staggered two (2) year terms, so that one will be elected each year on each campus.

(3) Grievance Vice President, whose primary responsibility is grievances.

(4) Treasurer

(5) Secretary

Section II:

Membership in good standing is required to hold office.

Section III:

Nominations for office shall be made at the regular Fall General Meeting. Notice of elections shall be provided to each member fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting at which nominations are to be received. Nominations shall be accompanied by petitions containing at least ten (10) signatures of members in good standing.

Section IV:

Ballots shall be prepared by the Election Committee and sent via U.S. Mail to the current address on file of each member. It shall be the responsibility of each member to alert the Federation Office of any change of address. The Federation Office shall not be held responsible for any ballots returned due to incorrect address.

Ballots sent to members shall be postmarked within fifteen (15) days following the nomination meeting. Completed ballots returned by U.S. Mail must be postmarked within fifteen (15) days of the original postmark. Ballots will be counted by the last day of the Fall semester.

The candidate for each office receiving a plurality of the votes for that office shall be declared elected.

In the case of a tie, one (1) run-off election shall be held. In the case of a second tie, the results will be determined by lot.

No election will be held for an office where the candidate is running unopposed.


  • a)  The duties of the President shall be: (1) Preside at all meetings of the Federation and of the Executive Committee, (2) He/she shall be an ex officio member of all committees, except the Audit Committee, (3) Sign all necessary papers and documents, (4) Represent the Federation when and where necessary, (5) To make a report to the membership at least once a year of the accomplishments of the Federation and outline the plans for the future.
  • b)  The duties of the Vice-President(s) shall be: (1) Coordinate all activities of the Federation on their Campus or Work Site, (2) Bring matters of concern from their Campuses or Work Sites to the attention of the Executive Committee, (3) Assist the President in the execution of his/her duties on their Campuses or Work Sites.
  • c)  The duties of the Secretary shall be: (1) Issue all notices, (2) Answer correspondence at the direction of the President, (3) Report outside correspondence to the President and the Executive Committee, (4) Record the Minutes of the Executive Committee and of the membership meetings, (5) To keep Minutes of the meetings available to membership upon request, (6) To help prepare the AFT Newsletter in cooperation with the AFT Administrative Assistant, (7) To be the custodian of the seal and the charter of the Federation.
  • d)  The duties of the Treasurer shall be: (1) To receive, record, and deposit in the name of the Federation monies from dues and other sources. (2) To keep the membership roll, and issue receipts and delinquent notices. (3) To forward all per capita dues and current membership lists to the National Office of the American Federation of Teachers and to other affiliated organizations in order to keep this Federation in good standing. (4) To be the chairperson of the Budget Committee. (5) To present a budget to the Executive Committee for approval. (6) To present a written report at each membership meeting. (7) To keep adequate records available at all times for the Executive Committee and the Audit Committee. (8) To make all payments for obligations of the Local and to maintain proper records thereof.
  • e)  The duties of the Grievance Vice President shall be: (1) Coordinate and participate in system grievances with the Campus Vice Presidents,
    (2) Coordinate and participate in Step IV. Grievances with the College,
    (3) Coordinate and participate in Arbitration and other litigation matters,
    (4) Assist the Federation President and inform him/her of grievances and grievance related matters.
  • f)  A duty of all officers is to attend all meetings of the Executive Board and General Membership meetings unless excused by the President. Every effort shall be made to hold meetings at a time convenient to Committee members, and Committee members should make a reciprocal effort to arrange work schedules for such meetings.
  • g)   Any AFT officer, or member of the AFT Negotiations Committee/Team who applies for an Administrative Position with the College shall temporarily recuse herself/himself from serving on the AFT Executive Committee, or AFT Negotiations Committee/Team until the search is completed.

Section VI: Compensation

  • The President shall receive, in lieu of accepting no more than one (1) overage per calendar year, each month a stipend in the amount equal to one-twelfth (1/12) of the equivalent of five (5) three-credit overages.
  • The Secretary shall receive a monthly stipend payment equivalent to one-twelfth (1/12) of a three (3) credit overage per year
  • The Treasurer shall receive a monthly stipend payment equivalent to one-twelfth (1/12) of a six (6) credit overage per year. Additionally, the Treasurer shall receive an hourly compensation according to the per diem rate for required audit work. 
  • The Grievance Vice President shall receive a monthly stipend payment equivalent to one-twelfth (1/12) of a three(3) credit overage per year.
  • Federation Officers shall receive compensation for work performed from June through August on an hourly based per-diem for official union work, to the equivalent of one (1) credit exclusive of Executive Board meetings.