Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Tuition & Fees

Non-credit Students

The cost for each non-credit course is listed in the Community Education non-credit schedule. The cost includes tuition and fees, but may not include textbooks, field trips, special equipment or tools which may be required. Visit to explore and register for Community Education courses, pick up the schedule at any CCAC campus or center or request a copy via mail by calling 412.369.3703 or using the online information request form.

Rates for out of state students will be higher for classes with course numbers beginning with an "X". Rates for out of county and out of state students will not be higher for classes with course numbers beginning with a "Y" in the catalog.

Credit Students

A detailed description of the various tuition rates and fee schedules for credit students appears below. Our tuition & fees schedule is also available as a printable PDF file:  14SS  14FA  For more information, please contact the Student Accounts office.

Estimate your cost with our tuition & fees calculator.

Your payment due date is based on the date you register. To determine your due date, check the schedule.

 Tuition and Capital Fees

Residency Status


Flat Rate Tuition
12 to 18 credits1

Capital Fee
1-11 Credits

Capital Fee
12 or more credits

Allegheny County residents





Residents of other Pennsylvania counties





Out-of-state & international residents





1Loads of 19 credits or more is the flat rate plus the prevailing per-credit rate times the number of credits over 18 credits. Example: 21 credits for an Allegheny County resident would be $1,571.25 (flat rate) + $314.25 [$104.75 (per credit rate) x 3 (credits over 18)] = $1,885.50

Registration Fees



Accident Insurance Fee3     

$7.17/semester (full-time students only)

College Fee: Full-Time2  (12 credits or more)


College Fee: Part-Time(1-11 credits) 

$4.20/credit ($50.40 maximum)

Online Learning Fee3

$20.00/online learning course (formerly distance learning course fee)

Health Careers Course Fee

$20.00/credit (where applicable)

Laboratory Fee 

Where applicable, amounts vary per course

Malpractice Insurance Fee3

$7.70/semester (where applicable)

Matriculation Fee4

$25.00 (first-time registered students, nonrecurring, nonrefundable)


$300/semester for course NRN-205 and NUR-250

Student Services Fee

$4.25/credit (no maximum)

Technology Fee  

$19.25/credit (no maximum)

Miscellaneous Fees



Credit by Examination4 


Graduation Fee4 

$20.00 nonrefundable fee that must be submitted with your application, if you want to receive a diploma and/or attend commencement ceremonies.

Official Transcript of Academic Record4


Returned Check Handling Charge4


Check Stop Payment/Replacement Fee4 


2Non-credit students are exempt from the fee

3Non-refundable after start of semester/term


 Tuition and fees are subject to change.