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Medical Withdrawals

 A medical withdrawal is defined as a withdrawal from courses for medical reasons. While often this results in a withdrawal from all courses, the Director of Supportive Services, in consultation with the student’s physician, may determine a student’s ability to maintain some courses while withdrawing from others (for example—a student with a broken leg may need to withdraw from an HPE course but could maintain other courses not requiring physical activity; or a student may need to withdraw from courses on campus due to a medical condition but may be able to maintain Online Learning courses).

Medical withdrawals received before the census* date will result in a drop of courses (no entry on the student’s transcript). Medical withdrawals received on the census date until the last day of classes will result in course entries with a “W” grade/s.

Adjustment of tuition and fees follow the stated dates in the academic calendar.

For students receiving financial aid, state and federal financial aid regulations will be followed. Students receiving financial aid or veterans benefits are required to have an exit interview with the Director of Financial Aid or the Coordinator of Veteran's Service.

Only the certification by a licensed physician/mental health professional on the college’s form is acceptable. View and print the Medical Withdrawal Form  

A petition for medical withdrawal can only be filed through the last day of classes for the semester in which the medical situation occurred at the campus the student attends.

*Refer to census date/s in the Academic Calendars.

Effective: January 1, 2013 For questions, contact your campus Supportive Services Office (Campus student attends). 

Allegheny Campus   412.237.4612 
Boyce Campus724.325.6604
North Campus412.369.3649
South Campus412.469.6215



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