Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Participation in the Honors Program

Students in the Honors Program may earn Honors credits by enrolling in designated web-enhanced Honors courses as well as completing Honors-by-contract.

Honors-designated courses combine on-line delivery through Blackboard with face-to-face seminar meetings and field trips. These courses are noted in the catalog with an H after the course name.

HON leadership 13The Honors-by-contract option allows students to earn Honors credit in a course of their choosing. Students will create the Honors contract by collaborating with their professors in the creation of an Honors project, which sparks the students' interests and provides academic enrichment and challenge to the existing course. Honors students and their faculty mentors complete an Honors contract, which details the specifications and scope of the Honors project. After successfully completing an Honors contract in a course, an H will appear after the designation for that course on the student's transcript, for example ENG101H.

Honors students need to earn at least 3 credits in Honors each academic year to remain in the program and 15 credits in Honors to graduate with an Honors degree. If you are not fully funded from another source, your in-county tuition for Honors courses will be reimbursed after successful completion of the course/s. 


Honors students can be recognized in the following ways:HON GRAD II

  • Students receive an “H” designation after each Honors course listed on their transcripts.
  • Students receive CCAC Honors pins after completion of their first Honors credit/s.
  • All graduating Honors students in good standing wear purple and white cords at commencement, signifying their active participation in the CCAC Honors Program.
  • Students who complete fifteen (15) credits of Honors coursework earn Honors degrees.
  • Students who graduate with Honors degrees wear Honors medallions at graduation.
  • Students who engage in service activities will be considered for the Campus Service Award and will be recognized at the annual Honors Forum.

“I listened in the classroom lectures. I memorized at home from my textbooks. I participated in classroom and online discussions. However, I enriched my life, deepened my experiences, and explored the core of who I am through the Honors activities and trips.”

-- Svetlana Suvorova, 2012 CCAC Graduate