Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Course Information and Schedules

There are two ways to find information about the classes you want to take via CCAC's online resources.

1. View or download the CCAC Credit Schedule of Classes which are available on this web page as a PDF file. This online publication can give you a general idea of what classes are available and they are easy to browse when you are beginning to plan your next semester.

2. Use CCAC Central e-Services to search for specific classes you would like to take to find exact dates, times and detailed information when you are ready to register.

Credit Schedules and to View and Download

You can use the search function in these documents to quickly locate the information you are looking for. Use the shortcut ctrl-F to pull up the search box and simply type the course or program name you need.

View the CCAC Summer 2014 Credit Schedule. 
(Information contained in this schedule is current as of January 2014. Please check CCAC Central e-Services for the most up to date class times and locations.)

View the FULL CCAC Fall 2014 Credit Schedule. 
Information contained in this schedule is current as of March 2014. Please check CCAC Central e-Services for the most up to date class times and locations.)

Fall 2014 Credit Schedule - COURSE LISTING ONLY 

Registration Notes

New students:
All new and visiting credit students must complete the admissions process and meet with an advisor before registering for a class. Registration Services provides details and forms for credit students.

Are you taking classes to transfer back to your home college? See our visiting student enrollment instructions.

Continuing students:
If you have already chosen a program of study, the Graduation Check sheet will tell you the courses you need to register for in order to graduate. Remember to check with your advisor if you have any questions.

Non-credit students:
There is no restriction for registration and no admissions process.

CCAC Credit Schedule

The CCAC Credit Schedule is available as a downloadable PDF. Find a complete list of courses, important dates and everything else you need to get registered online, anytime.

CCAC Course Catalog

Complete CCAC Catalog 2014-2015 (PDF)

Complete CCAC Catalog 2013-2014 (PDF)

Complete CCAC Catalog 2012–2013 (pdf)

Complete CCAC Catalog 2011–2012 (pdf)

Complete CCAC Catalog 2010–2011 (pdf)

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