Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

AFT - Article XXI: Working Conditions

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1.       The College shall provide office space for all professional Employees, and necessary office/work space for Educational Technicians.

2.      The office space  currently allotted to each Employee shall not be reduced.

3.      Counselors  shall have individual offices.

4.      Each office shall be equipped with a telephone, and shall have adequate lighting and ventilation.  Each Employee shall be provided with a lockable desk, a lockable file cabinet, bookshelves, a wastebasket, at least two (2) chairs, and adequate office supplies.

5.      No more than two (2) Employees will normally be assigned to one (1) office in existing facilities.

6.      The College shall not unreasonably limit Employees the use of all physical education  and recreational  facilities  when not otherwise scheduled.

7.      Employees shall not be unreasonably denied access to their offices and to facilities  needed to perform professional responsibilities.


1.      During day and evening hours of instruction, there shall be for Employees(s)' use, reasonable availability of necessary equipment, including but not limited to, duplicating machines, computers, calculators, test-grading machines, audio-visual equipment  and supplies  necessary for the production of classroom materials and other related work.

2.      The College shall maintain the present level of secretarial services  to teaching Employees.  The duties of such secretaries shall be primarily to provide clerical assistance to these Employees.  These secretaries shall continue to be assigned to individual academic departments and divisions and shall be located within reasonable proximity to such Employees.

3.      The College shall continue to provide necessary secretarial services to Employees in supportive services.

C.      Adequate seating/work space, as applicable, shall be provided for students.  Each lecture classroom shall be equipped with a lectern, a teacher's table and chair, adequate chalkboard space, chalk, erasers, and a wastebasket.  Each classroom shall be equipped  with room-darkening equipment necessary to create an appropriate setting for audio-visual instruction.  Personnel shall be provided for the delivery, set-up, guidance in operation, dismantling and return of audio-visual equipment and instructional materials.  Every effort shall be made to provide adequate equipment, on a timely basis, for all courses that require specialized instructional equipment.  Enrollment  in technical classes in which potentially hazardous equipment is used shall be limited by safety conditions.

D.      For current facilities, the College shall continue to provide adequate, conveniently located free parking  for Employees.   The College will continue to provide security services for parking facilities.

E.       The College shall provide reasonable security services  for Employees.  Additionally, the College will endeavor to improve upon the existing services, and shall provide contact points for Employees to call in the event of emergencies.

Procedures to be followed in the event of emergency shall be published by the College and distributed to all Employees.

F.      All rooms and halls in the buildings of the College shall be kept clean and equipped with appropriate supplies.  Such rooms and halls shall have adequate andsafe heating, lighting and ventilation.

G.     The campus bookstore(s) shall provide, in a timely fashion, sufficient quantities of books and/or other materials ordered by Employees for classroom use.

H.     The College will make every effort to have student events  scheduled so that they will not impact adversely on scheduled classroom activities.

I.        If required by the Federation, each campus will establish an ad hoc committee  consisting of Employees and administrators to assess requests for additional office equipment and clerical assistance.  These recommendations will be forwarded to the appropriate Campus chief executive officer.

J.       Whenever there are proposed changes in facilities  that affect an area used primarily by department(s), the College shall consult with the department(s) about the use of such facilities  and the proposed design.  The campus will consult with the Federation on matters regarding the use, modification or expansion of existing facilities  where such modification or expansions impact on the working conditions (Article XXI) of Employees.

K.      The College shall continue to provide Employee liability insurance coverage as described in the College Policy Manual.