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AFT - Article XXII: Vacations

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A.       All Employees who are employed on a twelve (12)-month basis shall be entitled to vacation in accordance with the following:

1.       During the first year of employment, Educational Technicians shall receive two and one-half (2 1/2) days vacation for each quarter (or majority fraction thereof) worked prior to September 1st.

2.      During the first year of employment, other twelve (12)-month Employees shall receive one (1) week vacation for each quarter (or majority fraction thereof) worked prior to September 1st.

3.      Full-time twelve (12)-month Employees who have been employed by the College prior to September 1st shall receive during the ensuing twelve (12)-month period from September 1st to August 31st:

a)       If an Educational Technician:  two (2) weeks vacation; after completion of five (5) years of continuous service, three (3) weeks vacation; after completion of ten (10) years continuous service, four (4) weeks vacation.

b)       If a professional Employee:  four (4) weeks vacation during such period.
Any Employee removed from a twelve (12)-month employment arrangement and who worked on such arrangement prior to September 1 of any year, shall receive vacation days per quarter (or majority fraction thereof) as set forth in a. and b. above.

4.       Normally, all vacation time must be pre-authorized by the appropriate administrator or supervisor.  The College shall schedule vacations giving preference based upon continuous service with the College.  Vacation  requests shall be honored unless there is a reasonable basis for denial.  Request for vacation between September 1st and March 31st will be granted without regard to seniority so long as such requests are made giving reasonable advance notice.
Vacation requests shall be submitted no later than April 1, and each Employee shall be notified of his/her vacation schedule not later than April 15.  Any Employee who fails to submit a vacation request prior to April 1 shall be scheduled without regard to continuous service.

5.       Vacation schedules shall not be changed without mutual consent.

6.       Vacation  time taken need not be consecutive, but at least two (2) weeks of vacation time for professionals and one (1) week for Educational Technicians  must be taken in at least one (1) week periods.  All other vacation days must be scheduled giving reasonable notice to, and with approval in writing of, the immediate supervisor.

7.       Employees may carry over ten (10) days vacation from one (1) year to another with a maximum accumulation of thirty (30) days.

B.      All Counselors, Librarians, and Audio-Visual Specialists  who are employed on a ten (10)-month basis shall be granted sixteen (16) work days of vacation scheduled in accordance with 4, 5 and 6 above.

C.     Educational Technicians  who are employed on a ten-(10) month basis shall be granted vacation at ten-twelfths (10/12) of the full-time allocation.

Upon termination  of employment, the Employee shall receive pay for any unused vacation to which he/she is entitled.  Said pay shall be computed at the rate the Employee earned at the time of termination .