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AFT - Article XXIX: Instructional Technology

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A. For the term of the Agreement, no Employee shall be displaced because of Instructional Technology.


1.  All commercially produced credit media courses will be submitted to an Employee in the appropriate academic department at each campus for his/her determination as to whether said materials are appropriate and consistent with any existing course offering he/she is qualified to teach.  The Employee(s) shall within one (1) month review the materials and return a written recommendation to the Executive Dean.

2. A credit media course  that does not correspond to any existing course description in the campus catalog will be treated as any other new course, to be recommended by the procedures of the regular campus curriculum committee as prescribed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Prior to approval, such courses may be offered one (1) time on an experimental basis.

3. Assignment  of the teaching of credit media  courses will be handled as are all other teaching assignments in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and regular departmental procedures.

4. To the extent practicable full-time faculty  within the appropriate department will have the responsibility for the content of any credit media courses produced by the College.