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AFT - Article XXXIII: Headings, Article XXXIV: Totality of Agreement, and Article XXXV: Separabilty

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Any heading  preceding the text of the several Articles hereof are inserted solely for the convenience of reference and shall not constitute a part of this Agreement, nor shall they affect its meaning, construction, or effect.


The parties hereto agree that all items presented for negotiation have been discussed during the negotiations  leading to this Agreement, and, therefore, agree that until the time specified in this Agreement for beginning negotiations for a successor agreement, negotiations will not be requested on any item, whether contained herein or not.


In the event that any provision  of this Agreement is or shall be at any time held to be contrary to law by a court of last resort of Pennsylvania or of the United States or by a court of competent jurisdiction from whose judgment or decree no appeal has been taken with the time provided for doing so, that provision shall be null and void, but all other provisions of this Agreement shall continue in effect.  In such event, within ten (10) days, after the voiding of the provision, the parties shall meet to negotiate a substitute provision.