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AFT - Appendix C, Committee Recommendation Form

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1. Committees shall distribute agenda for meetings to all Committee members, Campus Committee  Chair and campus AFT officers in time for interested parties to attend.

2. Each Committee shall distribute minutes of Committee Meetings to Committee members, Campus Committee Chairpersons and College's chief executive officer.

3. Copies of Committee recommendations on the appropriate form set forth.  Appendix C shall be distributed to the AFT office and the Office of the College'a chief executive officer.  Should any ten (10) members of a constituency petition the Chairperson in writing ten (10) working days after receipt of petition; a special hearing will be held at the next Committee meeting.  On the basis of such a hearing, the Committee may rescind its recommendation, alter the recommendation, or retain the recommendation in its original form.  After such hearing and review, the Committee will forward its recommendation to the College's chief executive officer and the AFT.  In absence of any appeal the Committee shall forward its recommendation to the College's chief executive officer after the last day to petition for a hearing has elapsed.

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(CCAC/AFT 2008-2011 Contract pages 60, 61, and 62)