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AFT - Appendix I, Job Description for Advisors

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REPORTS TO:  Director of Registration  at Allegheny, Boyce, North, and South Campuses

SALARY :  Three Credits per Semester/90 Hours and Training Seminars per Semester

REQUIREMENTS : Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree preferred (Associate's Degree with
previous advising  experience will be considered); demonstrated commitment to students with
the ability to interact with students with diverse needs.


1. Participate in mandatory training sessions before and during the academic terms.

2. Interview students concerning their readiness for college studies, their choice of major, their
need for developmental  coursework, their possible transfer to a four-year school, and
the basic differences between the high school and college experience.

3. Develop academic schedules for new and continuing students utilizing the Degree Audit and
other materials developed by the campus; provide students with information on all academic
policy questions.

4. Advise students on general transfer information and refer students to appropriate transfer personnel.

5. Advise students changing their major by checking courses that apply to the new major
(degree audit) and completing the appropriate paperwork.

6. Meet with students applying for graduation (utilizing Degree Audit) to assess graduation  status.

7. Meet with probation students or other categories of at-risk students.

8. In all advising situations, make referrals to support services when appropriate.

9. Use on-line student system to research student's transcript, availability of classes, and
calendar information.

10. Evening and/or Saturday advising may be required.

11. Perform other related duties as required or assigned.

(2008-2011 AFT Contract page 71)