Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

AFT - College Policies I, II, and III

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College Policy  I

Individual departments, together with the Department Head  shall participate in the departmental budget-making process and requests for information relative to the departmental budget may be directed by the department to the appropriate administrator.  The appropriate administrators shall encourage departmental involvement in the development of both the annual and long-range operating and capital budgets and shall cooperate to the extent possible in alleviating problems concerning coordination of (a) budget information, (b) budget development, and (c) budget utilization within the academic divisions.

College Policy II

Teaching Employees  will normally have no more than three (3) different course preparations  each semester unless specifically requested by the Employee.  Where the nature of course offerings and the number of available teaching Employees prevent the accomplishment of these course preparation guidelines, courses shall be assigned so as to accomplish a minimum number of preparations  per Employee.

College Policy III

Enrollment in laboratory  classes is determined by the maximum of properly equipped  student work stations.  Enrollment by students in laboratory  classes during the add-drop period shall be allowed up to the maximum as determined by the number of student work stations; enrollment  beyond the maximum is only by permission of the Employee.