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Boyce Campus Intramurals

The Intramural Program at CCAC Boyce Campus has become one of the most popular offerings sponsored by the Student Life Office. Every semester, more and more students are intrigued by our wide range of activities. Although there are traditional events available for the amateur sport enthusiast, it's the non-traditional recreations that make our Intramural Program truly unique!

The program director is Student Development Specialist, Dave DeVenzio. Dave's take on the evolution of intramural activities is, "When I first started working at Boyce Campus, I didn't realize how busy most students' schedules would be. Classes, homework, families, jobs, obligations, etc., makes time the most valuable resource of our student body. So when we develop our Intramural schedule of events each semester, a student's spare time is the major planning factor."

As a result, we include the customary intramural sports that most colleges host on our schedule to challenge our students such as bowling, basketball, table tennis, etc. But at Boyce Campus, students will also discover a variety of unconventional events such as Oreo Stacking, Connect 4, Cards in the Hat and Tiddlywinks. These are a mere few of the quirky and eclectic amusements that inspire Intramural spirit. Chances are that you won't find an Intramural program like this anywhere else!

DeVenzio added, "We want all of our students to feel welcome, make new friends, and have some fun. Ability doesn't matter! Winning or losing doesn't matter! Our zany activities don't take much time at all. In fact, some can be done in just a few minutes between classes. All of our Intramural activities are geared to give our students a mental break from academic studies with friendly competition and lots of laughter."

Stop in the Student Life Office, S521 near the Student Union to give our Intramural Program a whirl!

Check the CCAC Boyce Student Life Facebook Page for all current Intramural Events!