Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

CIT: Training/Upgrading of Skills

If you currently have a bachelor's or associate's degree in another field unrelated to Information Technology or Information Science and are interested in a career in these areas, then a CCAC CIT certificate program may be appropriate for you. CCAC offers the following certificate programs, which uses the same college credit courses required for the appropriate associate's degree in this area.

  • Certificate Software Development
  • Certificate Information Technology Support

General Computer Literacy:

  • CIT100 Computer Fundamentals & Applications (computer literacy course)
  • CIT102 Computer Keyboarding
  • CIT140 Office Productivity Applications (advanced problem solving using Microsoft Excel and Access)
  • CIT141 Word Processing
  • CIT142 Desktop Publishing Concepts

User Support and Information Technology:

  • CIT115 Information Technology: Hardware and Software
  • CIT150 PC Components and Operating Systems
  • CIT205 Help Desk and User Support

Network Administration and Support:

  • CIT120 Networking
  • CIT220 Linux/UNIX Operating System
  • CIT250 Internetworking of Computers
  • CIT251 Windows Server Operating System
  • CIT255 Web Server Administration


  • CIT111 Introduction to Programming: Java (a beginning level programming course that includes an introduction to object-oriented programming using Java)
  • CIT125 Web Development (using HTML and related Web-based markup languages and design tools)
  • CIT130 Object-Oriented Programming: Java
  • CIT145 Programming in C
  • CIT161 Visual Basic: Windows Programming
  • CIT225 e-Commerce Applications
  • CIT245 Data Structures and Programming

Systems Analysis and Databases:

  • CIT215 Systems Analysis and Design
  • CIT230 Database Systems
  • CIT235 Web Database Systems

Computer Forensics

  • CIT180 Computer Forensics I
  • CIT181 Principles of Information Security
  • CIT280 Computer Forensics II
  • CIT281 Project in Computer Forensics