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Adult Education Alternatives

Welcome to Adult Education Alternatives at CCAC

It is widely acknowledged that the fastest growing jobs in the 21st century will require some level of postsecondary education. Consequently, moving more people through postsecondary programs aligned with the economic needs of a community or region is vital to our nation’s future competitiveness, security, and stability.

Students enroll in alternative Adult Education programs for many reasons. Some of our students are young adults who recently left high school for whatever reason. Others are slightly older who left high school for many of the same reasons that our younger adults did. Still others are less-young than the previous groups of students and most of them left high school for the same reasons their less-older counterparts did. All three groups have one thing in common: they didn't finish high school.

No matter what group you are in CCAC's Adult Education Alternatives program has a place for you. We offers alternative education programs at three levels for adult learners. These offering range from Adult Basic Education (ABE), Adult Secondary Education (ASE) and preparation classes of adults interested in earning a Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma (formerly GED).

Adults in all three of these groups enter adult educational programs for one reason. They want to earn more money.

They recognize that to earn more money they need to acquire knowledge;

  • To obtain a job;
  • To advance in their current job; or
  • To enter a new career field.

The core academics of our adult education programs include reading, mathematics, English and computer skills. We assist students to learn and apply their knowledge by helping them to think critically and to analyze information and to apply the knowledge in a way that helps them arrive at the correct answer, the better alternative or arrive at a reasonable conclusion and make the best decision they can.