Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Web Photo Guidelines

Contact webteam if you need assistance with photo preparation or have questions.

The following is an excerpt from the CCAC Style Guide and Branding Manual:

Images and Photos

Photos and other graphics to accompany written text on web pages, brochures, flyers, and other publications of the college are available and may be requested through the Promotions and Marketing Department.

Photos which show recognizable images of people should not be used for marketing or publicizing the college unless subjects in the photos have signed a release form giving the college permission to use their photos. This includes photos on the website.

Signed and dated photo release forms used in marketing the college should be kept on file in the Promotions and Marketing Department. Signed and dated forms for photos used on the website should be filed with the Webteam, with copies kept on file in the departments authoring the web pages.

Generally speaking, release forms are not required of subjects in news photographs (including campus newspaper coverage) at public events, such as a basketball game, campus rally, etc. Media visits to the classroom are not considered public events, so release forms should be collected and students should be given the opportunity to opt out of the photo session.

Whenever practical, it may be best to collect a signed release form simply to avoid any possible liability problems.

Release forms for photos of individuals under age 18 should be signed by a parent or guardian.

Additional web specific information

  • Copyrighted information or images may not be used without permission.
  • All photos must be jpg format.
  • Please identify the web photo by name and the subjects in the photo when you send the release to webteam.
  • Remember to choose a name that describes the photo. The JAWS software for the vision-impaired will read the name to the user.

For those experts who can prepare photos:

The CMS is designed to properly size photos for web display. However, care can be taken to assure that the photos display well.

  • When placing a series of photos (gallery images), size the photos equally before you upload. Photos of the same dimension will give a neat and professional appearance to the page.
  • Save pictures at 72 (or 96) dpi. Most monitors display at 72 dots per inch so a higher quality setting will result in a slower loading photo but will not give a better picture.
  • Save pictures in RGB color mode.
  • Pictures should be no wider than 600 pixels.
  • Keep pictures below 50k. The larger the file, the longer it takes to display on the screen.