Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Payroll - Your Paycheck


  • Bi-weekly       - Every other Wednesday
  • Monthly          - Last working day of the month
  • Semi-Monthly - 15th and last working day of the month

If a regular payday falls on a weekend or holiday, then payday will be on the preceeding business day.


There may be codes on your pay stub for which there is no description and/or you cannot understand the codes or descriptions.  These codes are found under each of the three sections at the top of your pay stub.  Net pay or the amount of direct deposit is found on the lower section of your pay stub. 


These codes indicate the various types of pay or assignments for which you are being compensated.

Pay Period Salary
If you are paid semi-monthly your regular earnings are calculated using a formula based on the number of hours you are scheduled to work.


These codes indicate the taxes required to be withheld from your wages.


These codes include a brief description of various benefit or deduction.

Net Pay

Net pay appears at the bottom of your pay stub and on the check or advice portion of your pay.