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Online Learning Student Support: Student Guide


What is the Online Learning Student Guide? 

The Student Guide is required reading for all Online Learning Students. The Student Guide contains all of the information that Online Learning Students will need to make their semester successful. If you have taken Online Learning Courses in the past, be sure to re-read the guide as many parts have been updated.

The Online Learning Student Guide includes the following information:

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Internet Students  
Internet students should download the Online Learning Student Guide (pdf) as soon as possible after (or before) registering. Read the entire guide of information carefully. This guide will answer many student questions if it is thoroughly read.

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Telecourse Students 
Telecourse student who have registered prior to the Friday before the start of the semester will automatically receive the entire student information packet in the mail. The information packet includes the Online Learning Telecourse Student Guide, course specific outline and/or syllabus.

Students who register one week before and up to the start of the semester may call 412.237.2239 to make arrangements to receive the course information packet. 

Hybrid Students 
Web-enhanced students will receive all course information from their Instructor in class.

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Trouble Downloading? 

Right-click the document and choose "Save Target As" (or "Save Link As" depending on your browser) and try to open the document from the location that you saved it at.

  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you are encountering any error messages or if you are unable to download the entire document.
  • Try to download and print the document from another computer.
  • Email ServiceDesk at

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