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Online Learning Center: Prospective Faculty

Is Online Learning right for me?

Teaching an online learning course may be right for you if you are:

  • Ready to explore innovative and exciting instructional opportunities
  • Interested in presenting your course materials through a new platform
  • Open to utilizing new communication channels with your students
  • Ready to develop your skills while creating learning materials for online instruction

Types of Online Learning courses:

Internet Courses:

Generally, all teaching and learning takes place via the Internet. Students interact with the instructor and classmates through a course website (A Blackboard course site). Learning activities and assignments are completed according to the instructions and schedule posted by the instructor. Instructors have a variety of Online Learning Testing options based upon subject and course material.

Students taking Internet courses must have access to a computer with an Internet connection. Students must also be computer literate and be comfortable using software, email and performing other activities on the Internet. Some courses may require additional resources beyond the Minimum Technical Requirements made available to students. Instructor should make this information available to registering students and students are encouraged to inquire about what is needed before registering for courses.

Hybrid Courses:

Hybrid courses combine the traditional classroom instructor with online collaboration and learning. Students attend classes on campus as scheduled (60% minimum of stand class time plus final exam time and class breaks, if the class meeting exceeds 100 minutes at a time). The remaining course time is dedicated to self-directed and scheduled online learning activities.


Telecourses are a complete and integrated instructional system that typically includes DVDs, textbooks, study guides and other instructional materials.