Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

Office of the Vice President for Business & Administration

Vice President/CFO—Joyce Breckenridge 

     Assistant Vice President, Finance & Controller—Paul Swearengin
           Bursar—Shirley Harr
           Director, Accounting—Claire Wozniak
           Capital Budgets—John Forney
           Operating Budgets— Joe Miller
Facilities Management
    Assistant Vice President—Robert D. Hamilton, CFM
           Assistant Director—Raymond Marks   
           Operations Administrator—Richard Schlegel    
           Major Projects Administrator—Donald Fedor
           Energy Manager—Elaine Sadowski
Information Technology Services 
     Assistant Vice President, Information Technology Services & Chief Information Officer
     —Ibrahim Garbioglu
           Manager, Customer Support & Training Services—Diane Jacobs, EdD 
           Manager, Systems Analysis & ERP (Ellucian (formerly Datatel)) Support—Alan Bickerton  
           Lead Senior Network Engineer—Steven Witsch
           Director, Field Services—Michael O’Brien
Purchasing, Contracts & Enterprise Risk Management
        Assistant Vice President, Procurement, Compliance & Legal Services—Tony DiTommaso
           Director, Purchasing—Mike Cvetic
           Director, Contracts—Karen Hoskinson
           Director, Enterprise Risk Management—Randolph Gaab 
 Safety & Security (College Office only)
      Director—Edward Bogats

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