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ITS: Grant Writing Impacting Technology

  • Are you writing a grant and know the technology requirements? 
  • Do you need to create a new lab?
  • Are you hiring a new staff member or creating new office space? 
  • Wanting a new service application to be developed?

If you are planning for future technology directions within your department or campus by writing grants for additional funding which may include technology products, please include the ITS staff and the Contracts & Grants office in your early planning

We can provide consultation and guidance for those early decisions which will enhance the procurement, installation and support of those technologies down the road.  

For space usage and electrical requirements, don't forget to involve the Facilities Department. Technology requires electrical power.

Much work has been done to ensure a safe, supportable and reliable computing environment at CCAC. The Information Technology Services Department provides expertise in the following areas:

Pre-Planning Steps to take

Application Development and Procurement

Wireless Technologies

Network Services

Equipment Standards

Pre-Planning Steps to take

Review hardware and software standards and understand how ITS can help you get connected with technology. Make sure you've built in enough time for planning, installation, and testing of technology implementations.

  • Contact the ITS staff that can best assist you in your planning process.  Collaborate to discuss any technology requirements in your grant BEFORE you submit proposals, purchase equipment, or make plans for renovations. 

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Application Development and Procurement

Contemplating buying applications that are to be used across the network and that would reside on a server? We have application developers and integrators on staff that can help you review these applications. The Manager of Applications and Integration and staff will help you:

  • Evaluate and analyze
  • Develop applications
  • Customize and integrate off the shelf products

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Wireless Technologies

The College has a plan to deploy wireless at all campuses and at Office of College Services. This plan includes a budget. If you are working on a grant area that focuses on procuring wireless technology contact the ITS Staff to see how your project or grant can support an established plan.

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Network Services

Projects such as the following necessitate assistance and support from the  Executive Director of ITS and staff. We are willing to conduct an analysis and assist in budget building for these kinds of projects:

  • Use of an application that must reside on a server to be accessed within or external to the College network.
  • Use of video or audio on demand clips for teaching and training.
  • Use of internet based communication tools such as desktop conferencing and webinars
  • Conferencing for live teaching technologies such as “Interwise”

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Equipment Standards

The ITS Department has set the standards for all computers and peripheral devices.  These guidelines were created to ensure compliance with College policy guidelines.  Purchasing equipment outside of the College standards will mean that ITS staff cannot fully support your equipment.  Contact a Field Director to help assist you.  

Also, get connected with technology to learn more about arranging for telephones, hardware and software, data and phone wiring and know who is responsible for procurement and maintenance of the equipment. 

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Confused about all the technology demands your grant may need?

Let the Information Technology Services Deparment help you in your early planning!

Technologies to think about...

Creating new labs

Wireless or wired networks

Buying new software

Buying new hardware

Wanting a new service application to be developed

Data and Phone Wiring

Physical Space and Electrical needs

Did you know these are ITS products and services

The Administrative Reporting Center (ARC) website was fully developed by ITS

ITS generates W-2's and check processing for payroll, student refunds and accounts payable

Over 110,000 students use our campus and center computer labs in a year.

EnrollMe was developed as an online tool for employee class registrations that are offered by the training department