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Carol Curio Scholle

You know you are a success when your daughter wants to follow in your footsteps.

Carol Curio Scholle is pleased to tell us that she will be the middle generation of nurses in her family.  She graduated from CCAC’s South Campus nursing program in 1992.

Her mother-in-law, Barbara Scholle, RN, is career support specialist for Nursing and Allied Health Careers at CCAC’s Boyce Campus.  She was instrumental in helping to establish the nursing program at Allegheny Campus in the 1960s.

Now, Carol’s daughter Erin is diligently pursuing her nursing degree at South Campus.

A key benefit of CCAC health careers programs is the strong connection the college maintains with clinical sites throughout the region.  During Carol’s final year of studies she began working as a nurse assistant at UPMC Presbyterian. “As a student nurse assistant at UPMC Presbyterian, I had the opportunity to float through various units in the hospital. When I had the experience of floating to the Liver Transplant Intensive Care Unit, it was like going home. I was very comfortable in the ICU environment and therefore decided to begin my career in critical care after graduation.”

After graduating from CCAC, she worked briefly on the liver transplant step down unit before obtaining a position in the Liver Transplant Intensive Care Unit. When she decided to continue her education, she enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh’s RN to MSN program. She graduated from Pitt with an MSN in Nursing Education in 2000. Upon graduation, she continued her nursing career at UPMC and also worked as a clinical nursing instructor at Pitt. After numerous promotions within the intensive and critical care units, she was promoted to her current position as Director of Critical Care and Transplant Services.    

Carol’s work at UPMC Presbyterian, which serves as both an academic center and medical facility, is exciting and challenging. It provides many opportunities for professional growth and development, because she is encouraged to engage in research, to publish and to represent her profession and UPMC in the community. An article that she co-authored was recently published in Nursing 2005 magazine. One of the aspects of her job that she most enjoys is her visits to local schools, where she speaks with students about nursing careers.

Carol said that “nursing is an incredibly challenging and fulfilling career that provides outstanding professional opportunity. I am delighted that my daughter has decided to follow in our footsteps, and that she is pursuing her nursing education at CCAC. Her grandmother and I are thrilled that she is the third generation of the Scholle family to be affiliated with CCAC’s nursing program.”

Carol Curio Scholle