Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

ITS: Accounts

Student (NETID) Accounts

What is NetID? NetID stands for "Network Identification". A Network ID (or NetID) is a personal, unique identifier assigned to individuals. This is used along with a password, to obtain access to services available throughout the campus network. Passwords are required with a Network ID to ensure security/privacy of your private information/correspondence. More information

Employee (EMPID) Accounts

What is EmpID? All CCAC employees, including credit and non-credit adjunct faculty, are provided with an Employee Network Account (EmpID). HR or Supervisor will submit the Network Account Request Form to their appropriate ITS Field Director, who will submit to the Network Services group for account provisioning. Once the account is created, an email will be sent to the Requestor (HR and/or Supervisor) with the ID and initial password. More information

Departmental Email Accounts

Departments may want to create an email address to be used for marketing purposes and preserve business continuity. More information

Guest Accounts

A Guest Account may be created by the CCAC ServiceDesk for a student who is having a problem creating a NetID or an employee who is experiencing delays obtaining their EmpID or special visitors on campus (must be approved by the ITS manager). More information

Temporary Accounts

A Temporary Account may be created by CCAC ServiceDesk for directors, coordinators or faculty members who are teaching a short-term workshop, either in the Credit or Non-credit Division. More information

Partner Accounts

Non-CCAC employees will not be issued Network Accounts, unless permission is obtained through Human Resources. More information

At-A-Glance Summary:

To provide an email address to be used for marketing purposes and preserve business continuity.





EMPID (Employee Network Account)

All CCAC employees, including adjunct credit and non-credit faculty                  


HR or Supervisor will submit the Network Account Request Form to their appropriate ITS Field Director

NETID (Student Network Account)        

All CCAC students,
including credit and

bsmit244 or barbara.smith (students new to system after December 2013)

Student can create their own NetID by logging on to

Directors or Coordinators may submit request through ITS ServiceDesk for ITS staff to create NetID accounts prior to first class session.


Marketing or Business Continuity


A Departmental Email Account can be requested from ITS; the request should provide justification for the account. The ITS Network Services Director must approve the request.

GUEST Account

Emergency Use Special Circumstances Library Community Patrons            


A Guest Account may be created by ServiceDesk or Campus Ed Techs for an individual who is having a problem creating a NetID. These will expire in 2 weeks.


Workshops, Events, First week of Class, Short-term Use ONLY                    

AL-STUDENT01 (from Helpdesk)
AL-SC01 (from Campus)              

Coordinator and Instructor will call or email ServiceDesk at least 3 days before the workshop to request an account. ServiceDesk will supply the ID and password; password will be reset after conclusion of workshop/event.


Non-CCAC Employee
representing outside organization within   CCAC                 


Partner will request account via Human Resources, with approval of Senior Management.