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Creating Online Exams

Respondus is an exam creation tool that allows faculty to create and prepare exams outside of Blackboard or offline. It also offers the ability to import exams directly into a Blackboard course site.

For more information: Formatting Exams for Respondus 

PowerPoint in Blackboard:

Microsoft PowerPoint has become an essential tool for teaching both in the classroom and online. The use of PowerPoint online, through the Blackboard system, provides faculty with an outlet to deliver lecture material. The Online Learning Center has compiled an excellent resource with tips and tricks and a few small tools to make using PowerPoint in Blackboard more effective.

For more information: Creating Online Content: PowerPoint Online

File size is often a consideration when making PowerPoint presentations available online through Blackboard. Impatica for PowerPoint is an application which assists faculty by compressing, up to 80%, the presentation into an online distributable format.

For more information: Creating Online Content: Impatica for PowerPoint


Wiki in Blackboard with TeamsLX:

The Online Learning Center is currently piloting the Wiki tool TeamsLX by Learning Objects. Wikis are user editable documents that can be created within Blackboard to engage students and show what they know.

For more information: