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Anita Crawford-Murphy

After graduating from Gateway Senior High School in Monroeville in 1985, Anita Crawford-Murphy enrolled at CCAC Boyce Campus, where she pursued her interest in higher education and earned an associate’s degree in word processing. Little did she realize that her education and training at CCAC would transform her life and put her on a path that would lead to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, a life and home in the Washington, D.C. area and a 20-year career with the federal government.

While attending classes at Boyce Campus, Anita was recruited to work for the federal government. Upon completion of her degree at CCAC in 1987, Anita relocated to the Washington, D.C. area and began her new career. She decided to return to school in 1996 to pursue her bachelor’s degree. While working full time, she attended George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, graduating with a bachelor of science in sociology in 1999. In 2003, Anita returned to George Mason University, from which she graduated with a master’s of science in organizational learning and knowledge management in 2005.

Anita worked as a work study for Dr. Renee Clark while a student at Boyce Campus.  She identifies Dr. Clark (currently Dean of Students at South Campus) and George Carter (currently the transfer counselor at Boyce Campus) as her favorite faculty members and mentors. They served as wise and trusted advisors who guided her through her CCAC educational journey. She entered college as an inexperienced young woman and, through their tutelage, became a more accomplished and self-confident person. Anita also credits and acknowledges her sister, Yvonne Crawford-Burns, currently dean of Student Development at Allegheny Campus, as one of the significant influences on her life – citing her as “the foundation of who I am today.”

Anita has been promoted through the professional ranks and is currently employed as a senior training instructor. During her career, she has trained hundreds of executives, colleagues and staff in the areas of management, leadership development, diversity and mentoring. Her greatest professional challenges occur when she provides constructive feedback to workshop participants about counterproductive behaviors or attitudes. She must encourage those participants to see themselves as others do and to change or modify their counterproductive behaviors and attitudes so that they can achieve future success. She indicates that the most rewarding aspect of her career is helping others to reach their personal and professional development goals.

Anita said that “CCAC is a great starting point in your educational journey. Never underestimate the power of people to help you to see your potential and possibilities, to help generate and develop feelings of success and self-confidence.”

Based on her experience, Anita knows the value of a CCAC education and that the CCAC community is an environment where students can learn, develop and grow.

She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 18 years and their greatest delight is the family time that they spend with their seven-year old son.

Anita Crawford Murphy

Anita Crawford-Murphy