Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

College Council Meeting Minutes March 8, 2007

March 8, 2007
College Office Board Room 





Maryann Anderson
Mary Frances Archey
Charles Blocksidge
Joe Calig
Toni Carney
Gordon Crocker
John Dziak
Rod Farkas
Rita Gallegos
Joanne Jeffcoat
Diane Maldonado
Maura Stevenson
Cyndi Syskowski
Allysen Todd
Stephen Wells

Barbara Thompson





Mary Lou Fragale
Michelle Doas
Walt Pauli
Nicholas Akinkuoya







Gordon Crocker made a motion to approve the minutes of the February 8th, 2007 meeting of College Council. Cyndi Syskowski seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved as amended.


A.  Academic Planning  
Program Review: Central Services Technician (438)
A motion to accept the proposal was made by Joe Calig. Toni Carney seconded the motion. Joanne Jeffcoat distributed a new copy of the program review. Mary Lou Fragale gave a summary of the program. After discussion and questions, it was found that some required items were not present in the review. A motion to table the proposal was made by Gordon Crocker, seconded by Joanne Jeffcoat. The motion to table passed. Mary Lou Fragale was given instructions to correct the missing items which included learning objectives.

B.  Academic Standards and Student Affairs
Proposal: Elimination of Ten Year Time Limit for Chemistry course in the Nursing Program
The proposal was introduced by Toni Carney. Michelle Doas summarized some of the reasoning for the proposal. Thirty two schools were contacted about their chemistry requirements. Twenty five required chemistry and had no time limit. Seven schools required chemistry and had a time limit. Discussion followed. A motion to accept the proposal was made by Diane Maldonado and was seconded by Rita Gallegos. The motion passed unanimously with a change in the activation date to Summer 2007.

C.  Curriculum
Proposal: Proposed Changes to CHM (Chemistry) 109, 110, 111
Gordon Crocker asked what constituted “successful” completion of a course, as is referenced on page 14 of the proposal. In the Subcommittee, Cristen Colantoni said that she believed that a “D” is considered successful. Mr. Crocker feels that more consideration needs to be given to whether a “C” or “D” is considered successful completion. Discussion followed. A motion to accept the proposal was made by Cyndi Syskowski. The motion was seconded by Diane Maldonado and the motion passed unanimously

Proposal: Cosmetology Program Changes
A motion to accept the proposal was made by Toni Carney, which was seconded by Stephen Wells. In the discussion that followed Joe Calig stated he was happy with the current proposal’s business side. Mary Frances Archey asked that the program only be listed in the catalog at the Boyce campus. Some missing items in the proposal prompted a motion to table by Gordon Crocker which was seconded by Toni Carney. The motion to table passed unanimously.

Proposal: Proposed Administrative Assistant Program
A motion to accept the proposal was made by Allysen Todd, and was seconded by Joanne Jeffcoat. Walt Pauli summarized the proposal. After a discussion, the list of restricted electives was altered. PAL201 was deleted from the list. PAL105 and PAL 121 were added to the list. Some missing items were noted in the proposal. A motion to table was made by Gordon Crocker. The motion was seconded by Joe Calig. The motion to table passed unanimously.

Proposal: CIT (Computer and Information Technology) Course Syllabi Changes and Deletion of CIT Courses
A motion to accept the proposal was made by Toni Carney. Diane Maldonado seconded the motion. After discussion, the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal: CIT Transfer Degree Program (050) Changes
A motion to accept the proposal was made by Gordon Crocker. The motion was seconded by Cyndi Syskowski. Walt Pauli presented the proposal. There was discussion about some missing learning objectives in the proposal. A motion to table was made by Gordon Crocker and was seconded by Maura Stevenson. The motion to table passed unanimously.

D.   Research and Development
Overview Results from DL Survey
Maura Stevenson summarized the last working meeting of the Research and Development Subcommittee. The Subcommittee received 53 returns of the Distance Learning survey. The survey results have been tallied and a report may be presented to College Council about the findings. The next meeting of the Subcommittee will be March 20th which will be viewing and participating in a Distance Learning workshop. The workshop may be viewed at College Office. Currently the Board Room is scheduled for the workshop.


There was discussion about the forms to be uploaded onto the CCAC website to be sent out by College Council. Joe Calig asked Maryann Anderson to contact Barbara Thompson for some information and get back to him about the forms in question. Mary Frances Archey mentioned training for the web forms is available.


Gordon Crocker was asked by faculty members at Boyce Campus if President Sutin knew that graduation was before the end of finals when he signed off on the calendar.  After checking, Mr. Crocker said that he did not. 

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 4:06 PM.

Minutes were taken by Rod Farkas.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary