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College Council Meeting Minutes October 12, 2006

OCTOBER 12, 2006





Mary Frances Archey     
Charles Blocksidge
Toni Carney
Gordon Crocker
John Dziak
Rod Farkas
Rita Gallegos
Joanne Jeffcoat
Diane Maldonado
Maura Stevenson
Cyndi Syskowski
Barbara Thompson
Allysen Todd
Stephen Wells

Maryann Anderson     
Joe Calig
Brian Johnson

Elizabeth Vargo
Elizabeth Harkay
Mary Beth Johnson
Robert Koch

Gordon Crocker, filling in for College Council Chair Maryann Anderson, called the meeting to order at 2:37 PM. 


Cyndi Syskowski made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 14th, 2006 meeting of College Council. Rita Gallegos seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved as amended.

Barbara Thompson reported that she attended the Website Management Training so she will be able to post the College Council minutes on the web.


Program Review: Physics, Physical Sciences, Geology (047)
Diane Maldonado presented the Program Review which she noted was prepared by Mary Frances Archey.  Joanne Jeffcoat reported that all pieces of the review were submitted. Within the program review is a recommendation that additional space for the program be identified at Allegheny Campus. Other Campuses have sufficient space. The external evaluators noted that they are concerned that the program does not offer students the most up to date equipment, therefore the replacement and upgrading of equipment needs to be addressed. Toni Carney made a motion to accept the program review. Maura Stevenson seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Program Review: Court Reporting (Degree 327, Certificate 329)
Mary Beth Johnson presented her program review and expressed how fortunate she feels to be a faculty member in the Court Reporting Program. She explained that due to a $300,000 grant she was able to secure, the program has a broadcast captioning studio as well as a practice lab. The program has 1 full time faculty member and 3 part time faculty members and a 100% placement rate. She explained that graduates work in the judicial environment, captioning environment and doing real time transcription for the hearing impaired. Graduates are very well paid. Vitac which is a company in Canonsburg is the largest broadcast captioning company in the world, employing many CCAC graduates offering average salaries of $64,000 and salaries that range from $55,000 to $120,000. Barbara Thompson voiced admiration for the excellent program and the fact that Mary Beth Johnson believes so much in the Program that she personally provides a $500 annual scholarship from her own pocket. Although the program review asked for no additional funding because the program has secured grants, Rita Gallegos made a motion and Maura Stevenson seconded the motion that Mary Beth Johnson be permitted to continue to seek outside funding. The motion passed unanimously. Joanne Jeffcoat made a motion to accept the program review. Diane Maldonado seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Program Review: Dietary Manager (591)
Joanne Jeffcoat, Academic Planning Chair reported that everything for the Dietary Manager Program Review was in place. Elizabeth Vargo presented the review of this Certificate Program. Ms Vargo explained the program has been in existence about 30 years and is accredited by the Dietary Managers Association which oversees curriculum and is responsible for credentialing. Because the program is now also available entirely on-line, the enrollment has increased dramatically. Most students are women who complete the program as part-time students while they are working in the field. Long term care facilities are now requiring credentialing and this program addresses that requirement. Faculty in the program must submit a self-study to the Dietary Managers Association every 5 years to show they are in compliance. The self-study includes curriculum, practicum, and faculty credentials. Generally, students complete the first year certificate program and realize they only need a few more courses and never obtain the full associates degree. Other students complete the certificate program but don’t apply for graduation. Mary Frances Archey asked when the Associates Degree Program 590 will need to go through the program review process. Ms Vargo replied that the Associates Degree review is not due until 2007-08. Allysen Todd questioned why with the few number of graduates that there was a recommendation for additional faculty. Ms Vargo explained that those completing the program do not necessarily apply for graduation and that enrollment is increasing. Charlie Blocksidge asked if all credits can be taken over the internet. Ms Vargo replied that they can, and that in August, 7 students graduated who completed the program online. A few students are enrolled from out of State however the problem is that out-of-State students pay triple tuition. In August 7 students graduated who took the entire program online. Within the program review is a request for a food lab. Ms Vargo was asked how internet students are handled without the advantage of a food lab. Ms Vargo explained that internet students are provided with a food manual. They must have a local mentor who is approved by the Department. Toni Carney made a motion to approve the program review. Barbara Thompson seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Toni Carney reported that the Subcommittee met Oct 5th. She was happy to report that the Subcommittee has a full compliment of members and they had to turn people away. Currently they have 6 faculty members serving in addition to herself and Cyndi Syskowski. There are 4 administrators totaling 12 members. At the meeting, although the Subcommittee members discussed no new proposals at the Oct. 5th meeting, they will be very busy this year with 8 or 9 proposals expected.  The first proposal will be Patsy Williamson’s proposal on plagiarism which will have a hearing on November 2nd. Mrs. Carney said that in this first meeting she distributed the outline of the pilot project for electronic submission of proposals to Academic Standards and Student Affairs.

Proposal: Proposed Changes to the Automotive Program
Robert Koch presented the proposal which updates the course descriptions and outcomes to meet assessment standards. Most changes were cosmetic to be implemented Spring 2007. Council members questioned some of the outcomes. Mr. Koch explained that the outcomes are mandated by the State. For the one credit courses they include outcomes stated as: “Pass a final written exam with an 80% score or higher” and “Pass a computer based final exam with 100% accuracy.” In addition the Curriculum Subcommittee asked to have an additional outcome listed “Acquire basic knowledge of emission control components and exhaust gas analysis.”  Maura Stevenson expressed concern that “acquired” is hard to measure. Since the outcomes are State mandated, it was suggested that the outcome added by the Curriculum Subcommittee beginning “Acquire basic knowledge…” be deleted for the 1 credit courses. However above each list of outcomes the section should begin “After successful completion of the course, the student will:” Council members agreed that the rest of the outcomes are written very nicely.

For the courses ATE 250 and 251 the proposal needs to be corrected for outcomes to read “Meet employers expectations by cooperating with fellow employees as measured by a written evaluation form which will include the following areas: Quality of Work, Personal Habits, Attitude, Judgment, Initiative and Productivity.”

Allysen Todd made a motion to accept the proposal. Toni Carney seconded the proposal and the proposal passed unanimously.

Proposal: ATE 507.1 Course Changes
Bob Koch was in attendance to present the proposal which recommends the following: to replace PHS 110 with PHS 161, English 102 with English 103 – Technical Communications and PSY 215 with PSY 116. All of these recommendations need to appear on the title page under Recommendation Abstract. Additionally all references to Chrysler need to be corrected to DaimlerChrysler.

Mary Frances Archey noted that for all programs, the course program objectives need to be listed in the catalog above the description therefore that will have to be done for this program. Job titles for programs also must be listed and that has been done for this program as well. Because none of the programs in the catalog list program objectives yet, there are none that Mr. Koch can use as a guideline. Diane Maldonado will send examples to Bob Koch to help him with wording. Diane Maldonado made a motion to accept the proposal. Steve Wells seconded the proposal and the proposal passed unanimously.

Proposal: Multiple Updates to Radiation Therapy Technology Syllabi
Elizabeth Harkay was in attendance to present the proposal, which was to update the learning outcomes of the program. This is a certificate program for those who deliver the radiation doses to treat cancer. Council members commented that the outcomes were excellent. Diane Maldonado made a motion to accept the proposal. Cyndi Syskowski seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Allysen Todd said that the correct template for Curriculum proposals needs to be on the wizard. She also asked about a series of programs from her Division that went through curriculum and failed at the final meeting of College Council in May. She asked if they have to go back to the Curriculum Subcommittee or back to Council. Because Council has set the precedent that if a proposal is tabled by Council so that it can be corrected, then it can be returned to Council. However if a proposal is rejected by Council, it must go back to the Subcommittee Level. Charles Blocksidge suggested that if there are no substantive changes that it not go back to the College community. It was agreed that during Council meetings, College Council can make minor changes, but if there are too many, there is a certain threshold of changes and the proposal needs to be rejected and returned to the Curriculum Subcommittee after the changes are made by the Initiator. .

Diane Maldonado made a motion that Council needs to establish clear procedures for processing proposals through Subcommittees and Council and the process needs to be published and distributed to the College community. Charles Blocksidge seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously. Maryann Anderson needs to include this on the next agenda of Council.

Update on Web Enhanced Course Implementation

Maura Stevenson reported that the Subcommittee reviewed their responsibilities at their first meeting, and took particular note of the 4th responsibility which reads: “Responsible for developing procedures and making recommendations to the College for implementation in Distance Learning classes.”

Ross Donahue who is serving on the committee shared problems that have developed since web enhanced courses went from the Distance Learning Department to campus-based control. There are now differences per campus. The Subcommittee will be working on recommended procedures for all four campuses.

Update on Course Modalities
The seat time for web enhanced courses is 60%.  There are some faculty that would like to have alternatives to this.

Dr. Stevenson reported that there is one other faculty member on the Subcommittee besides herself and Rod Farkas and there are 4 Administrators. The Subcommittee needs more faculty participation.


Five-year Program Review Schedule
Mary Frances Archey distributed the Program Review Schedule which lists the dates for implementation of the program review process. Each October this schedule is to be updated. Those programs reviews on the list for this year are to be completed by April 15th.. Every year Deans are notified of the schedule and should be notifying department heads.

Gordon Crocker wanted to offer clarification of an issue which he feels has gotten out of hand. As chair of the Curriculum Subcommittee, he is concerned that he receives original signatures on the cover page of curriculum proposals. These are legal documents that are subject to State audits. To ensure original signatures, he suggested that signatures be in blue ink as proof of originality because blue ink cannot be copied. This was merely a suggestion to easily prove originality. Mr. Crocker’s intent was to ensure that original copies of proposals be delivered to the President for approval.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 5:28 PM.

The next scheduled meeting of College Council will be Thursday October 26, 2006 at 2:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary

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