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Online Learning Center: Teaching with Blackboard FAQ


Where do I go to log in to Blackboard?

Go to and login with your Network username and password.


What types of courses can use Blackboard?

In addition to Internet and Hybrid courses, any course can be supplemented with a Blackboard site.

Keep in mind that students in traditional courses may not be able to access Blackboard outside of class time and should be considered an optional resource.

For traditional courses, students will need to visit a campus lab to create their NetID account


I am scheduled to teach a course and would like to use Blackboard to supplement it.

To request a Blackboard site for your course, use the Section Planning Wizard:

The Section Planning Wizard will allow instructors to request Blackboard sites for the current and upcoming terms as long as they are assigned to teach the course.

For assistance using the Section Planning Wizard, contact ServiceDesk: 412.237.8700.


Can I use a single Blackboard site for multiple sections of a course?

Yes. Begin the request in the Section Planning Wizard. On the second page of the wizard, select the sections to share a single Blackboard site. Then, complete the request as normal.


How do I add my students to
my course?

Enrollment is handled automatically and is processed each morning after the semester begins through the end of the add/drop period.

Students who add a course after enrollment is processed will be added to Blackboard the following morning or by sending a request to the ServiceDesk:


How do I add additional instructors to my course?

Instructors are able to enroll any available user as a student to their Blackboard course.

To give someone instructor access, please contact ServiceDesk: or 412.237.8700. Be sure to include the instructor's full name, course to be enrolled into and role.


How do I make my course available to my students?

Instructors are responsible for controlling the availability of their course.

To change availability of a course site in Blackboard:
1. Under Control Panel, expand Customization
2. Click Properties
3. In the 3rd section titled "Set Availability", toggle the Course Availability to the appropriate setting
4. Click Submit


How do I block a dropped student from accessing my course?

Dropped/Withdrawn students are not processed automatically. Instructors will need to manage student access.

To remove student access:
1. Under Control Panel, expand Users and Groups
2. Click Users
3. Locate the dropped student, click the chevron next to the username and select "Change User's Availability in Course"
4. Select No for Availaible and click Submit