Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

ITS: Departmental Network/Email Account

PURPOSE: To provide an email address to be used for improving the college's business processes and preserving business continuity.


  • A departmental email box will be created when:
    • A department or functional area needs to promote their programs in marketing materials and respond to applicant or student inquiries. 
    • A department or functional area or special project needs to maintain uniform communications with the college community.
    • The departmental/functional administrator provides justification for the need for the departmental account, and specifies who will be the responsible owner, editors, and authors for the account.
    • Request is approved by ITS.
  • Owner, editors (at least 2) and authors are identified for the account. They will share the workload for managing the mailbox.
  • Email box editors must be responsible for maintaining the inbox on the server.
  • If the departmental account is used to perform a mass mailing via email, the account owner or editor must consult with the ITS ServiceDesk manager to confirm that mailing guidelines are followed. 

Instructions for delegates in the Departmental Email Box:

  • All departmental email boxes will be set up and delegate rights will be authorized as requested; no password will be provided; all editors/ authors will access the box as a delegate.
  • To open the emailbox, in Outlook, click on File/ Open Other User’s Folder, type name of the email account and click OK.  
  • When you reply to messages within the departmental email account, the reply email will automatically come from the departmental account name (with the user’s name “on behalf of”). 
  • To initiate a new email message, put the departmental account name in the “From” field.  Don’t see the “From” field? Click on View, click on From. (Or if you use Word as your editor, click on the Options button.)
  • Delegates should devise a plan for sharing the responsibilities for monitoring the mailbox and following up on replies. ITS advises delegates to use color-coded categories to mark email that they are working on.
  • To clean the mailbox, ITS advises that the primary editor create a personal folder in Outlook and drag emails to be stored to that personal folder. (The normal archiving process is not available for delegates.)

For more information about assigning or acting as a delegate in Outlook, please view these tech-torials:


Managing the Departmental Email Box:

  • Due to limited storage resources, departmental email boxes will be subject to size limitations for the emailbox and attachments. Mailbox will be limited to the current size limits for the box and individual incoming/ outgoing email.
  • Departmental staff should make reasonable efforts to review undeliverable messages and make corrections to original databases (including Datatel student demographic data).
  • Departmental staff must accept responsibility for managing communication and mailbox cleanup. The management of this mailbox will directly impact the level of customer service and convey a public relations image; it is imperative that all constituencies can send email to these accounts and receive timely responses to their inquiries.
  • Handling of departmental email accounts are subject to all current policies and guidelines for email communications.