Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

ITS: Colleague Focus on Standards (FOS)


To improve data quality of records in the College ERP system (Ellucian Colleague), through the implementation of mandated, comprehensive training for Colleague users.

Business Case:

ITS Staff and Colleague Data Owners have evidenced ongoing issues with data quality in Colleague records, to include: duplicate person records, person address records which do not meet postal addressing standards, redundant telephone contact numbers for students, errors in section creation which impact billing and audit findings, duplicate vendors in the purchasing system. Errors in data entry impact quality of service (reduced ability to communicate with applicants and students) and cost (rework to correct mistakes, billing errors, audit penalties). Many of these data quality issues can be mitigated through better training of employees who enter and update records in Colleague.

Since the conversion to the Ellucian system, data standards have developed over time. Most are now in place, and it is necessary to communicate these standards to all users. “Focus On Standards” (FOS) training will assure that all users who need to comply with standards have received adequate training.

Summary of Training Project

“FOS” provides an integrated training and assessment model for deploying Ellucian Colleague Training across the College, with an emphasis on those users who have “update” rights to records in Colleague:

  • “FOS” update training is mandatory for users with specific security classifications in Colleague; these are the users who “update” database records within specified modules.
  • Training participants will take an online quiz at the end of each training session. They must score at least 70% on the quiz to successfully complete the training. (Current scores on quizzes average 82%.)  Assessment scores will be stored in Blackboard, available only to the employee and the trainers. 
  • Supervisors will be notified when their employees have successfully completed each training module. This completion data will eventually be stored within the ITS Colleague security provisioning software.
  • “FOS” training will be deployed for specific modules over time, beginning with Demographics (Person Records); training modules will be deployed dependent on current process improvement projects.
  • Online option is available for several modules. (Demographics training will be deployed in-person, since these standards have not been implemented to date.)
  • A “Supervisor’s Orientation” is mandatory for supervisors of this target audience, so that supervisors understand what is expected of users.

Training Plan

  • View the Implementation Plan, available modules and Training Calendar. [More Info]