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Honors Contract Option

HON BIO 117H 1

One way to earn Honors credits is to participate in Honors by contract. Honors students will work with their Honors Campus Coordinators in selecting one of their regular courses in which to complete an Honors enrichment or Honors contract. Students will create contracts by collaborating with their professors in the creation of Honors projects, which spark students’ interests and provide academic enrichment and challenge to existing courses. With the approval of Honors Council, professors and students complete Honors contracts, which detail the specifications and scope of Honors projects.     

After successfully fulfilling the Honors contract, students earn Honors designation and Honors credit(s) for the courses. For instance, if a student completed an Honors contract in PSY-101, he or she would earn three (3) Honors credits. The maximum number of credits that can be earned by completing an Honors contract is three credits, even if the Honors contract is completed in a course with four or more credits. The student’s transcript will designate any course taken as an Honors-by-contract course with an H, signifying Honors credit: PSY-101H. No Honors designation is given in courses in which the student fails to earn a B or better for the Honors contract project and a C or better in the course in which the contract is completed.

HON Picnic 2010Honors students who are not fully funded by another source will receive Honors scholarship money in the form of in-county tuition reimbursement (up to three credits per course) for successful completion of Honors contract courses, earning a B or better for the Honors project and a C or better for the course in which the project is completed. 

Due to the academic rigor required, students are not permitted to engage in more than one (1) Honors contract per semester.