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College Council Meeting Minutes March 13, 2008

Meeting Date Mar. 13, 2008
College Office Board Room





Maryann Anderson
Mary Frances Archey
Joyce Breckenridge
Charles Blocksidge
Gail Boyea 
Toni Carney
John Dziak
Rod Farkas
Rita Gallegos
Joanne Jeffcoat 
Maura Stevenson
Barbara Thompson
Allysen Todd
Stephen Wells
Margaret Williams-Betlyn     

Ping'an Wang

Mary Lou Kennedy
Cyndi Syskowski
Tanya Sander-Marks
Art Miller
Brenda Trettel
Rebecca Schaupp
Rick Allison
Fran Dice
Maureen Pavlik
Rich Betters




Maryann Anderson, College Council Chair, called the meeting to order at 2:35 PM. She introduced Joyce Breckenridge as a new Council member who will be taking Joe Calig’s place.


Rita Gallegos made a motion to approve the minutes of the Feb. 28th, 2008 meeting of College Council. Gail Boyea seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved as amended.



Proposal:  (tabled 2/14/08)
Revised OTA syllabi to align course learning outcomes to CCAC recommended syllabus format
Change in four (4) Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Titles
Delete SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology as a required pre-requisite to OTA 202 Occupational Therapy Principles and Skills 4

Maura Stevenson introduced the proposal and explained that Joanne Jeffcoat would be presenting the proposal in Lillian Briola’s absence. Joanne explained that since the time that this proposal had been tabled at the Feb.14th meeting, course descriptions have been made into complete sentences, the language for pre and co-requisites was revised, and course descriptions were added on pages 16 and 46.

Rod Farkas made a motion to un-table the motion. Joanne Jeffcoat seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Barbara Thompson made a motion to accept the proposal. Steve Wells seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Editing Lab Hours for BIO 151 and 152

Mary Frances Archey presented the proposal. The changes requested will reflect on the common course syllabi and the actual number of hours that students spend in labs for both courses. Students are in lab 3 hours for each course rather than the 1 hour that is listed.  Steve Wells made a motion to accept the proposal. Toni Carney seconded the proposal and the proposal passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Deletion of MMT 205 and MMT 207 Courses

Becky Schaupp presented the proposal to delete these 2 courses in the Mechanical Maintenance Technology Associate Degree Program. These 2 courses have not been offered in the past five years. These courses were developed for one of the union programs that is no longer offered, but the courses have stayed on the books.

Joanne Jeffcoat made a motion to accept the proposal. Gail Boyea seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Updating Course Syllabi for the Heating and Air Conditioning Program (313.1) & the Heating and Air Conditioning Certificate Program (312.1)

Art Miller presented the proposal which is meant to clean up language and learning outcomes, make editorial corrections and update language to include current technology.  Maura Stevenson reported that there were some questions at Curriculum, but all issues have been resolved. Steve Wells commented that the proposal was very nicely done. Advisory committee members have reviewed the proposal and were surprised that so much is accomplished in the Program.

Peggy Williams-Betlyn made a motion to accept the proposal. Joanne Jeffcoat seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously. 

Proposal:  Revision of PSY 116 Organizational Psychology

Brenda Trettel presented the proposal. She explained that PSY 116 (formerly PSY 215) eliminates the pre-requisite of PSY 101.PSY 116 was originally created for technology and union programs. The proposal also updates the course description. 

Toni Carney made a motion to accept the proposal. Rita Gallegos seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Proposal:  Changes to Alphanumeric Code to courses in Existing Programs

During a recent College Council meeting, the name Child and Family Studies Program was changed to the Early Education and Child Development Program. Cyndi Syskowski presented the proposal that would change the alpha code for the Program courses. It was determined that the alpha code change could have been accomplished with the original proposal. Joanne Jeffcoat made a motion to accept the proposal. Gail Boyea seconded the proposal and the proposal passed unanimously.

Maura Stevenson mentioned that there are 3 more meetings of the Curriculum Committee for the academic year.


Rod Farkas reported that during the last meeting the members completed the questions for the distance learning survey and that the survey has not as yet been distributed. They are reviewing the annual report on policies for distance learning. They are also reviewing the cut off scores for the ATD compass placement tests.


Joanne Jeffcoat reported that the Subcommittee did not meet, but there are 3 program reviews coming. Rick Allison said that he also has program reviews for MRI, CAT and the Medical Assistant Program which will soon be submitted to Academic Planning.


Addition to Student Code of Behavioral Conduct

Mary Lou Kennedy submitted the proposal to add language to the Student Handbook that the disruptive and unauthorized use of cameras, cell phones and other electronic devices is a violation of the Student Code of Behavioral Conduct.

Barbara Thompson mentioned that there is no specific language that prohibits viewing pornography on College computers in the Student Handbook and perhaps there should be. Barbara Thompson will work with Mary Lou Kennedy on a proposal.

Barbara Thompson made a motion to accept the proposal. Gail Boyea seconded the proposal and the proposal passed unanimously.

Change in Nursing Admissions Guidelines

Maureen Pavlik presented this proposal and explained that the current policy for admissions into the Nursing Program is a college QPA of 2.5 for a minimum of 12 credits. In the absence of that, the faculty members evaluate the student’s high school transcript and require a high school QPA of 2.5.  Most CCAC Nursing students have 12 credits prior to admission into the Program.  However, at our Nursing Program at California University, most students enter the Nursing program with no college credits.  In light of the exceptionally poor NCLEX-RN passing rate of 50% at Cal U, the faculty would like to raise the admission requirement to a 3.0 high school transcript requirement when students have fewer than 12 college credits to evaluate.

Toni Carney made a motion to accept the proposal. Steve Wells seconded the proposal and the proposal passed unanimously.

Modification of Drop-Add & Late Start Policy

A Drop-Add and Late Registration Policy was passed by College Council last Spring to be implemented Fall 2008. As there were many concerns regarding the policy, Rick Allison agreed to work on a revision of the policy and advance it through governance.

The Current Policy reads:

1.      Beginning in the fall of 2008 and continuing thereafter, no student may register for the first time that semester after the term start date. (This policy also applies to off-phase courses based on their academic calendar).

2.      Beginning in the fall of 2008 and continuing thereafter, students who are registered for classes prior to term start dates may add ONLY during the period of one-week after the term start day and with the signature of the instructor.

There were concerns that there might be legitimate reasons why someone would register late.  Also, if a student comes in on Monday and the class doesn’t start until Thursday then the student couldn’t register.

Proposed Revision of the Policy

Beginning in the fall of 2008: (the effective date can be deleted after 08FA)

Course Registration Deadline

Students must register for credit courses by 11:00 PM the evening before the first class meeting. (For Internet courses and Telecourses, by 11:00 PM the evening before the start date of the term).

Course Add Deadline

Students can only add credit courses with instructor permission during:

14 & 16 Week Terms               First Week of the Term

4, 6, 8 & 10 Week Terms         First Day of the Term

After much discussion, the following proposal on the table was offered:

“Students must register and pay for credit courses by 11:00 PM the evening before the first class meeting. Students must register and pay for internet courses and Telecourses, by 11:00 PM, the evening before the start date of the term.”

Added: Students who register under this policy will not be allowed to add additional classes that have already met.

Barbara Thompson made a motion to accept the proposal. Maura Stevenson seconded the proposal. The vote was as follows: 5 in favor, 6 opposed and 1 abstention. The motion failed.

Toni Carney made a motion to accept the first part of the proposal that includes all the editorial changes, but not the added portion. Barbara Thompson seconded the motion. The vote was as follows: 10 in favor and 1 opposed. The motion passed.

Maryann Anderson suggested that someone needs to initiate a proposal to deal with changes with the drop/add policy. It is recommended that only the registration policy be published.


Addition to College Council protocol (Maura Stevenson)

Maura Stevenson requested that the following wording be added to the College Council protocol on the website, making a beginning section to the protocol guidelines:

Guidelines for Members and Guests of College

Council and its Subcommittees
All are expected to reflect the College’s values and ethics; in particular, all are expected to:

·          Respect the rights and dignity of others

·          Be civil and respectful

Charles Blocksidge made a motion to accept the proposal. Peggy Williams-Betlyn seconded the proposal and the proposal passed unanimously.


President’s Council
Maryann Anderson reported that President’s Council met March 10th and discussed textbook costs, a revision to the travel policy to allow for payment to applicants for positions, working at home using Office 07 and the hiring list.

Regarding Microsoft Office 2007, the College will have 1,137 copies that will be sold in the Campus bookstores. The cost will be $5 and will be for home use for CCAC business. Initially there will be 337 copies for full-time teaching faculty, librarians and counselors. Employees will be permitted to buy 1 copy only. After the original roll out, the list of those eligible to buy copies will grow.

Regarding the hiring list, Dr. Murphy reviewed all of the positions and made 2 adjustments. He removed the #2 recommendation for a Culinary Arts faculty member at Allegheny and the # 5 recommendation for a DVS faculty member at Allegheny. In a letter to Maryann Anderson dated March 11, 2008, Dr. Murphy provided the following justification for eliminating those 2 positions:

“The Culinary Arts position at Allegheny was rejected due to the high cost of expanding this program by significantly upgrading the instructional facility. We will be withdrawing from the program after serving existing students.”

“The DVS position was not approved. There is compelling evidence that our current efforts are less successful than we would hope. Absent a well developed plan for addressing retention issues more effectively, additional faculty hiring seems inappropriate at this time.”

Added to the list were 2 Ed Tech positions, an Engineering Ed Tech position at South Campus and a DVS Ed Tech position at Boyce.  Allegheny Campus is also able to fill a Nursing position that was approved last year but was not filled. Also, the first and second minority intern positions were approved.

Joanne Jeffcoat commented that this is the first time that Council has gotten feedback regarding the hiring recommendations and she appreciated the time that Dr. Murphy spent in analysis and letting us know his rationale.

Allysen Todd said that it is unfortunate that the two issues she needed to address directly involved her as Dean of Academic Affairs, namely, that she is the facilitating dean college-wide of Culinary Arts and Developmental Studies, because she did not want anyone to misperceive the issues she raises to be of a personal nature. She said this is the first time that we have had a list go through governance and have had positions eliminated rather than re-arranged in terms of priority. She questioned what the process is for program deletion and how the hiring process is tied to a program being eliminated. Dr. Todd said that she had not been consulted about the Culinary Arts Program being eliminated, nor had its department head Joe Hrebenak, that the placement rate in the program is 100 %, so the decision hit her out of the blue.

Regarding the DVS position, Mary Frances Archey said that there is ATD evidence that our current practice in mostly unsuccessful. Of those students taking Math 080, only 14% successfully get to Math 108.  Dr Todd asked if that were true, how was the math staffing request granted but not the DVS one. She pointed out that students are dropping out of developmental math courses at a faster rate than those in DVS. She also asked what that had to do with the staffing request. She said that selection factors were utilized that are beyond the governance process. She said she was stunned and that decisions were made that were not in consultation with those involved and she protests the basis on which decisions were made. Dr. Archey added that decisions were made at a time when the College has a $1.8 million deficit.

Maryann Anderson said that because of the Spring break and Subcommittees not meeting, the March 27th meeting of College Council will in all likelihood be cancelled.

There being no further business, the meeting ended at 5:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Thompson
College Council Secretary

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