Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)

Community College of Allegheny County

South Campus Administrative Staff

President—Charlene Newkirk, JD

Academic Affairs
Dean—Brenda Trettel, EdD
    Associate Dean—Barbara Evans, EdD
    Dean—Sharon Mills
Safety & Security
     Director—William Hixson
Student Development
Acting Dean—Kelli Maxwell
           Director—Tara Zirkel
           Student Recruiter—Michael Rose
        Child Development Center 
           Director—Denise Biondo
        Counseling Services (AFT)
           Counselor—Lenore Hiller
           Counselor—Lisa Slagle  
           Counselor—Pamela Young
        Financial Aid
           Director—Kyle Mosley
        Job Placement & Career Services 
           Director—Richard Roberts
           Director—Kelli Maxwell, PhD
        Student Life
           Director—Antonio Quarterman
        Supportive Services for Students With Disabilities 
Washington County Center
     Assistant Dean—Justin Tatar

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